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Flower Home Kids by Drew Barrymore

Here at SITC Im always on the hunt for fun child friendly designs. Whether it be within fashion, play spaces, decor, etc…I love staying inspired by the collections so many people I admire think up. Drew Barrymore is one of those people. She recently launched the Flower Home Kids collection for Walmart. Saying there are amazing bedroom options for all interests and little/big personalities would be an understatement. Drew makes understanding what children want look so easy! Doesn’t hurt that it has us moms swooning too. I was SO excited to get a sneak peek a few months back and cant wait to share with you all my favorites.

A sleek modern design your children can grew into as teenagers and maybe even into college. Comes in three colors and complements any bedroom design.
This is the ultimate fort building bed frame! I cant a imagine a single child who wouldn’t love this super fun design.
I want to purchase this bedding set for every little girl I know including my own! Hehe! There is no denying how incredibly cute and fun this print is. Fruit is so on trend let alone matched up with polka dot.
I can easily imagine these winky sleeping eyes in a nursery or kids room of either gender. Could also easily be hung as a design element in an adult bedroom! The visual of two closed eyes creates such a peaceful energy.
Another great fun piece that could be so fun in either a girls room or a boy room. Shade comes in different colors and the sleek tripod stand also comes in black.
This super sweet night light is so easily imaginable in a nursery. Theres a calmness about cloud designs.Featured here in pink but also made in yellow.
Not only is this design really fun, but really necessary. We all know once you have kids theres never enough storage. This storage ottoman is kid friendly while being 100 percent practical and useful.
More storage for all those things we don’t know where to put. Use it for books, puzzles, or even place a picture frame on it. This rainbow bookcase can serve at the perfect pop of color in a more neutral toned bedroom.
This was one of my immediate favorite pieces when I was invited to the collections early sneak peek. One of Drew’s daughters wrote this about Drew herself, which inspired her to copy it as an art piece for this collection. Its sweet and incredibly sentimental.
I just love the idea of a cute cup to set for my kids at the table when setting a nice dinner table. These colors are great for any season or reason to gather around food and love.

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14 thoughts on “Flower Home Kids by Drew Barrymore”

  1. I love these pieces they are all beautiful. The modern platform bed and the rainbow book shelf catches my eyes.

  2. I absolutely LOVE everything, but then again I love Drew Barrymore, so I probably would love anything she put out.
    But really, I love the colors and how simple, yet chic everything is. Not going to lie, some of these items may be in our new house come December.

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