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A Week Of Firsts

Last week was a week of firsts for us: kindergarten, preschool, ballet, and baby music class. I am happy to say everything seemed to go extremely well. Ryder started the big K and Siella started Pre School. I felt like we woke up last Monday morning and both big kids just grew up overnight. Ryder was super excited to start. We met his teachers and visited his classroom the week before; so he was eager to start playing and discovering what they had to offer. The school just seems so big to me! The 4th and 5th graders look like teenagers to me.




Siella, aka my shadow was so excited to get to her school as well. In fact, she walked right into her classroom and never looked back. I was beyond shocked by this and waited around for about a half hour before the front desk told me to leave that she was doing just fine. At pickup she showed me her letter “S”  that she decorated and was so proud of her project. Day 2, same scenario walked right in and never looked back, although this time she looked a little more timid. Day 3, which was Friday she then realized that I wasn’t with her and started to cry. Her teacher immediately took her from me and within minutes she was completely fine.




Another first for Siella was dancing school. I was so eager to have her sign up for ballet because she is constantly doing “pose“; which is something she taught herself. It took a little coaxing to get her ballet shoes on at first but once we were inside she was dancing and laughing around. The class is super cute and the parents are allowed to stay and participate with them. I love this because I am making it a point for this time to be ours.



As if our schedule wasn’t packed enough, Little Miss Gemma started a music class as well. Unfortunately her first day was a complete bust. She was not a fan of her class and she’s the one that cried! The time is hard for her but we are working on it. I am happy to report her class yesterday was successful. She was rolling and crawling all over.


It definitely feels great to be back in our hood (read about that post). Walking Ryder to school in the morning has been a nice treat for us. He has to start by 8:20 which is pretty early, but its been nice to walk with the “stroller brigade” with our neighbors and friends. And although we are still rushed, it’s a different feeling when having to rely on a bus or train like we did last year. But since we are in the neighborhood again, I am finding its more me running from school to school to class to class a lot. Maybe because it’s the first week but I want to be there for my kids. This time right now will never come back and I am trying to soak it all in while trying to manage everything else. I do miss them not being around like they were in the summer, and we are now tied to a schedule. We are still finding our fall flow but I’m sure it will come in a few weeks time. I am happy to start this new and exciting season! Happy Back To School!


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2 thoughts on “A Week Of Firsts”

  1. You are a busy mamma! Ryder and Siella look so sweet in their little backpacks and so glad they are happy back at school. Milla started nursery last week as well and I’m shocked as to how well she is adapting there. She seems really happy there and loving all of the entertainment. It’s all going by so fast! xox

    1. It is going by way too quickly for sure! But yes I think it could be a girl thing or that they are the second child and just ready! So glad its going so well for you!

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