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Kids Winter Necessities

We are embarking on the winter season and with that, comes bad weather, cold climates and snow fights! If you live in cold environments, you understand how hard it is to find good quality winter weather gear for kids. We’re upon the season of a runny nose and snow days and while there is so much that can be tough with the winter months, there is also a lot of fun to be had. Luckily, there are lots of variety in each essential category to shop from. And with that, let’s chat about everything your kids need to stay warm in the colder months!


Firstly, we get very cold weather here in New York and while we know how to prepare for it, that doesn’t make it any easier to bundle up with cold-weather layers. Winter coats are everywhere online these days, which is great! It’s up to you to decide what you think is the best style and fit for your children. Snow jackets are great for playing outside and skiing. Puffer coats are perfect to go to school in! And fleece jackets are great base layers or an outer layer, depending on how thick it is. Sherpa is incredibly on trend at the moment and a fabric my kids are loving on jackets.

Snow Gear

Secondly, let’s chat snow gear. Winter clothes are so different from any season because you need an extra layer of pretty much everything to regulate your body temperature. Having snow pants and ski pants that are waterproof is a necessity! You can’t be having them get wet in the winter weather, that’s a quick way to get sick. A waterproof shell on anything you can find is the way to go. For instance, winter boots should be waterproof boots. We love cute boots over here, but if they just absorb moisture, they’re not practical. Fleece pants to go underneath your snow pants as a middle layer for extra protection are also another great tip! Winter essentials can vary depending on your outdoor activities, but the basics would be a coat, pants and boots you can wear in the snow.


This is where the important stuff that sometimes gets forgotten is! An extra pair of waterproof mittens are great to have on you at all times. It’s like how socks get lost in the dryer, mittens are easily lost. Their little fingers can be hard to put into gloves, so we always opted for mittens when they were little. Extra socks are also perfect for really cold days, you can layer them! Hats that are of good quality are better than just a cheap cute option. Making sure their ears are protected are incredibly important. Scarves are the perfect way to keep their necks warm and keep any moisture from the snow from getting on their chests and neck.

Brands We Love

Namuk: This is an ecological and socially responsible Swiss brand for kids outdoor clothing. They even put several tear-away tags in each item so they can be passed down to the next child and feel like it’s brand new, just for them!

7AM Enfant: This brand is for babies and young children in particular! They specialize in those buntings and warm sacks for babies to wear in strollers as well as little mittens. Everything is so luxurious while keeping your baby safe from winter temperatures and the freezing wind.

The North Face: A leading brand in the outdoor gear category, TNF has some of the best quality finds! You can get a coat, snow pants, gloves, hats and so much more there! The best part is they are available at a ton of retailers.

Sorel: When it comes to boots, Sorel knows how to do it right! They make some of the very best kids boots and they are waterproof! Not to mention the fact that they are easy to put on, which is always a win!


For more kids essentials, visit here!

These are the best kids mittens on the market! Not only to they keep their hands warm, but they are so easy to put on.
Snow-overalls! These are great because it’s one piece to slip on over layers and throw a coat on to play in the snow!
A good puffer can be hard to come by. Not only is this one adorable, but it is lined with fleece and zips off into a vest! Choose from a variety of patterns.
Socks are one of the things we tend to forget about. They’re incredible important, especially in the winter when heat escapes through our hands and feet first! These are so comfy and they stay up!
A good hat is no joke! It’s an absolute necessity, especially if your kids spend a lot of time outside. This one is made by The North Face and is amazing quality!
My kids love Moon Boots! They come in so many fun colors and heights, but the pink will always have our hearts. These are perfect for the snow!
If you have little ones, you need a snowsuit! Having everything be one piece just makes it so much easier. You don’t have to worry about a separate coat and pants, it’s all ready!
We love a good Aprés Ski themed look! This sweater is perfect for the entire winter!
Having a good fleece to layer with is such a good thing to have in your kids’ wardrobe! This one is amazing quality and so soft!
Sorel is one of the leading winter boot companies! If you don’t have any of their boots, now is the time to get your hands on some! I love these because they are velcro for kids who can’t tie laces yet.
A puffer is essential for the winter. This is a great neutral option that is machine washable and of the highest quality.
If you have a baby, you’ll need a bunting, or winter sack to keep them warm when going outdoors. It has complete coverage and this one is lined with the comfiest material.
Moreover, these are excellent to layer with! I love the fun colors and we will be packing this on our ski trips this winter.
Finally, you know what’s great about this scarf? It has a slit to cross over, so it will stay in place! No more having to worry about it falling off in the snow!

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