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Back In The Neighborhood

I didn’t realize how much our lives changed this past year with Ryder going to school outside our neighborhood. We made the decision to send him to a private school in the West Village because we loved the school and it offered full days, which was something we felt he needed. It happened to be exactly what he needed, his teachers were absolutely amazing and he loved going to school everyday. I’ve never seen him strive so much than in this past year.



But leaving our neighborhood everyday left us outside our element, our hood, our friends and playdates. I didn’t realize while going through the motions but the commute turned out to be such a strain for me, and Siella. Poor thing was in tow between every commute, total of four times a day, getting woken up from her naps because we were going to be late for pickup. We were always rushed, always timed, and just scrambling from one place to the next. Not to mention I was pregnant during most of those months and Jason was away on business. Then when Gemma came along, I needed someone to help me out because commuting with all three was impossible although I did have to do it at times. The other thing was being so far from his school I felt uninvolved in certain things. We didn’t make many playdates because we were always rushing to get home or take Ryder to his therapies. Before this year, a bunch of moms/friends and myself would have weekly playdates, same time, every week. This year we did see our friends but it wasn’t as frequent as its been in the past. The moms at Ryder’s school were all amazing and lovely but I just wish we lived closer.

Ryder graduated Pre-K about three week ago. The ceremony was absolutely adorable and couldn’t help but weep during the ceremony. Weeping because my little man will start kindergarten next year but also because we will no longer be at such a wonderful school.

The last three weeks has left us without traveling everyday and I couldn’t be more happier. We have hit up every playground, made playdates with old friends, and just enjoyed being. As much as I miss the moms, the kids from Ryder’s class, and yummy bakeries, I have to say I feel a sense of relief. like letting out a big sigh..”Yay we are finally back in our hood”. We aren’t rushing around taking trains, cabs, or buses. We are walking to all of our activities and enjoying our amazing views living on the Hudson. The neighborhood feel living in Battery Park is incredible, its not really city life but more of a tight knit community. You are always bound to run into someone you know and I just love it down here. I even think our babysitter is at ease with no more commuting. Siella is taking a music class outside where we sit on the big lawn in North Battery Park and it has been just wonderful. Ryder just started camp, a bus comes and picks him up at our house. Its only three days a week but it leaves me time to do activites with the girls. And on his days off we go on some kind of city adventure. Our next stop is the Intrepid.

Come September, Siella will start school in a two year old program. It’s only three days a week for three hours but I think she is going to love it. Ryder will be going to school in our neighborhood. I’m really excited for it, because I won’t feel so out of touch anymore. I happy to be back in a place where I love the most. Ryder will of course miss all of his Pre K friends, and I hope to still be in touch with all of them. But its just going to make things way easier for us! Happy Summer!

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