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Partying with Target & Soleil Moon Frye

Last week Target co-hosted an intimate blogger gathering with Target Mommy Ambassador Soleil Moon Frye to celebrate the launch of her new book “Let’s Get

teen party dresses

Our Guide to Teen Party Dresses

Am I the only one confused on dress code for teenage girls at parties? We have quite a few Bat and Bar Mitzvah parties we

Party At Craft Studio!

As a mother of three, I can tell you it all goes by so fast and as hard as we try, we can’t slow this

Partying with Wishworks

Throwing birthday parties for my kids are a huge deal for me! We have tons of family and friends that attend and I always want

New York Family Cover Party!

Some of you may not realize that Stroller In The City crossed the ten year milestone in 2019. Its been a wild and crazy ride,

Life Of The Party

Thank you Warner Bros. Pictures for the invite! I think I tell everyone this, but my screen time as of late consists of mindless TV

SITC hosts Léman Pool Party

As we get later into the school year, discussions about summer plans and summer camp have started. Last year, I hosted a pool party with

Attention To Detail

Siella’s fourth birthday celebration was magical this year. In addition to the many surprises planned for her actual birthday, I planned a quaint Mani &