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New York Family Cover Party!

Some of you may not realize that Stroller In The City crossed the ten year milestone in 2019. Its been a wild and crazy ride, to say the least. We continue grow and thrive as each year passes, and I couldn’t be more humbled and grateful for the many experiences we’ve been privy to. I’ve written pieces for several magazines over the years, but over the summer when New York Family asked me to be the cover of their December issue, I was caught completely off guard. Even with all my magazine contributions, it had never been on my radar to be featured on the cover of the actual magazine. In my head that stuff is only for celebrities, right?

Details of the Shoot:

We shot the cover in early September, and even then, I still didn’t believe my photo would ever make it to the cover months later. On that later summer afternoon, the kids and I met the photo crew at the the shooting location- The Box House Hotel, one of my fav hotels in Brooklyn. Coincidentally, my family and I spent the weekend here for a staycation a few years back. Upon arrival, we were right into hair and makeup with Buffy Saint Marie. Next, it was time to choose wardrobe, and editors Hester and Donna gave me full rein of my style and what I envisioned for the shoot. Naturally, I selected my favorite brand of all time, Love Shack Fancy! A long metallic wrap dress from their holiday collection was the perfect choice for my cover look! Uber talented photographer Yumi Matsuo snapped plenty of shots, and finished in record time. My favorite photo of the lot was a shot of the kiddies and I on the hood of the old taxi always parked outside the Box House Hotel. It was by far the easiest photoshoot I’ve ever experienced and probably the most fun too!


When the issue finally dropped December 1st, I knew we had to celebrate! I mean, how often do you end up on a magazine cover.

The Venue:

We love The Leroy House! Located in my most favorite neighborhood, the West Village, I’ve hosted several events, and even dined here for Mother’s Day, so I knew this would be the perfect spot to host our party! Since it was an afternoon party, I wanted the kids to be part of the festivities, and have fun. The guests were treated to mimosas, homemade scones, and mini quiches. Afterwards, sweets from Magnolia (my fav!) were brought out. Mini cupcakes and hands down, the most amazing Banana Bread Pudding you’ve ever have in your life.


With all the events that I’ve attended over the yeas, I knew that our young guests would need something to occupy their attention. I arranged for three different craft stations, all holiday themed. They had a blast making holiday charm bracelets, Christmas globes, and beaded wreath ornaments.

Some of our closest family and friends were in attendance, along with the fabulous editors of New York Family, Hester Aba and Donna Duarte-Ladd. It couldn’t have been a more magical event. Well, I wish Jason wasn’t out of the country on a project though. Humbled, honored, and beyond grateful for this opportunity and experience!

photos by Lauren Kara



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3 thoughts on “New York Family Cover Party!”

  1. That’s awesome! Big congrats to you! I’m loving all these photos as well. Everyone looks like they really are enjoying themselves.

  2. Wow! That is a big achievement! The photos are really nice. This is an experience you and your family will treasure for a long time! Congratulations!

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