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The weather this weekend couldn’t be more perfect. Jason flew home Saturday morning, and we spent the entire day in our neighborhood, hitting up the parks, and strolling along the Hudson. It’s finally starting to feel like fall in NYC.


The girls wore their favorite new dresses from Masala Baby, a staple brand in their wardrobe from the time they were babies. In fact, I can remember Siella’s first Masala romper she received from good friends when she was born. All of the fabrics are exclusively sourced from India, using only natural materials and constructed using traditional hand loom, block print, hand screen, hand embroidery and appliqué techniques crafted by local artisans.


IMG_9424 IMG_9417

Each piece from the Masala Baby stays true to its Indian roots, and continues to be inspired by delicious curries, authentic spices, Bollywood movies, celebratory marigold flowers, traditional Indian roses, pink stone architectural details, and the colors of the chaotic bazaars all blending together to create a unique palette. India’s textile tradition is a kaleidoscope of colors and cultures, and this inspiration is shown in Masala Baby’s collection.


IMG_9426 IMG_9375 IMG_9364
Catering to ages 3 months to 12 years, the Masala Baby collection includes dresses, skirts, tunics, hoods, pants, tees, bodysuits, shirts and accessories; all featuring signature colors saffron, clove brown, raani pink and turmeric yellow. The girls twirled like little princesses, in their new gypsy dresses.


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