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Two Princesses and A Ninja Warrior

In our house, Halloween is a pretty big deal. Costume selection starts in August, when we receive the first Chasing Fireflies catalog, filled with the newest and coolest costumes around. The kids typically change their minds a number of times before making their final choice.

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The kids love the huge variety of costume offered by Chasing Fireflies, and I really enjoy the quality fabrication, which is critical. With late October school activities and parties, the kids in our neighborhood have already worn their costumes a handful of times before they even pick up a trick or treat basket on October 31st . And even after the big day, the kids will continue to wear their imaginary outfits for dress up playtime.


This year, Ryder had his mind set on being a Ninja Warrior, and the hardest part of his decision was which one. Chasing Fireflies offered two different Ninja suits this season, and he chose the classic one. The martial arts inspired costume includes a tunic, pants, mask, hooded foam chest piece with a golden dragon crescent, gold lame’ ties for the wrists and leg, and of course, Ryder’s favorite part, a sword!   

Siella’s custom costume is new to the Chasing Fireflies “Design A Princess” varieties.  Her satin gown consists of full skirt and gold ribbons, which crisscross over the bodice, and a personalized cape. She designed it from scratch, selecting all the colors, including the color of her crown.  Naturally, she picked pink for her overskirt, cape, belt, adding to it with gold glitter print sleeves. The finish garment arrived in a beautiful gift box, donned with her name, it was the perfect fit for my little princess. This is one dress that will get lots of use, especially next month, when we surprise the kids with a trip to Disney!


Gemma is all about Elsa this Halloween. Since we already own a few Elsa costumes, I thought it would best for her to wear Elsa’s new dress from Frozen Fever. The satin gown has blossom flower appliqués and tiny crystals cascading down the bodice, and the long cape on the back of the gown trails behind.  It may be a costume, but it’s pretty stunning.


This year, the iconic Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign will celebrate its 65th anniversary by joining forces with another American classic, Peanuts, which will also be celebrating 65 years, this fall. The entire Peanuts gang is teaming up with Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF to encourage children to raise funds for UNICEF’s lifesaving programs. The original Kids Helping Kids campaign is one of the longest-running youth volunteer initiatives in America, encouraging children to go door-to-door on Halloween, collecting coins in support of UNICEF’s work and I am so happy my to have my children involved in the campaign year after year. 
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I love thumbing through photo albums filled with pictures of my brother, sister, and I in our Halloween costumes from when we were children. Remembering all the excitement leading up to the day and selecting what magical creature we would become for the day. And now, watching my children do the same thing I loved doing as a child is even more magical.

Happy Halloween everyone, would love to hear what your littles will be this year! And if you are looking for more inspiration here are our Chasing Fireflies costumes from last year.

Thank you Chasing Fireflies for sponsoring this post.

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