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Musings Of A Single Wife

It’s Friday morning, and I feel as if I’ve been run over by a truck. I never quite understood the excitement of TGIF until now, as I am coming to the end of 4 weeks without Jason. He’s been working in California and Seattle and tomorrow, he is coming home for the weekend. It’s been rough to say the least. Gemma is back to her 5:30 wakes ups, and one of the kids always seem to wake up in middle night, or end up in my bed. Weekends are tough but week days, with school, doctors and after school activities, they are the hardest. Being the sole point person for so long definitely take it’s toll. When each Friday roll around, I let out that big sigh of relief, that somehow we managed to make it through the week.

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The new school paperwork is piling up, reminders are posted all over the apartment, from everything to picture day, show and tells, and class trip permission slips. Siella has finally adjusted to full school days, but her after school activities take place at similar times to Ryder’s. Thursdays are our most difficult, because Siella has back to back hip hop and ballet classes, while Ryder is uptown for therapy and eye therapy. Each week, the sitter and I alternate activities with each of them. I’m not claiming to be super mom; I am just trying to tend everyone’s needs, all while juggling my work obligations, and doing my best to keep a straight face.

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Next week, I leave for a four day conference, and that’s when Jason will take over. While I’m looking forward to this conference and uninterrupted time on the plane (I seem to get through tons of work while flying), I never like leaving the kids, and get depressed at the thought. I will really miss our new Friday evening movie night. The kids agree on a flick, we cook up popcorn, and just veg out together. I know I’ll get blue missing their school drop offs, and miss my little Gemmy snuggling up beside me each night, along with my special reading time with Ryder and Siella. I’ll be worried that Jason doesn’t forget to do the little things, like preparing Ryders special lunches, help Siella with her daily reading log, or stuffing Gemma’s little backpack that she carries everywhere with her. I guess even though I feel completely overwhelmed sometimes, I still want to remember everything, because these moments while seem huge to me now, are only a short blip of their childhood. And, after my four days away, their schedules may come undone, but it’ll be like I never left after only ten minutes back at home.

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I’m looking forward to having Jason home for the weekend, even if it is only for two days, and then it’s back to single wife for me for another week. We have lots of plans this weekend, trying to cram in every fall tradition into Saturday and Sunday. Having him home for two full days, with a beautiful fall weekend on the horizon, and a date night mixed in, it will be just the refuel that I need. This month has been trying, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Happy weekend friends!

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