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Winter Wear with Flair

Winter Wear from 686 is both beautiful and functional, which is exactly what I look for when I’m shopping for gear for my family to hit the slopes. We live in New York City, so of course, we love to get out and enjoy the powder when winter rolls around. That being said, if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how I feel about fashion. That means I don’t just go out and buy any old winter wear. It has to be as good looking as it is effective, and that’s what I get with 686.

686 has a variety of durable, stylish winter wear for men, women, and youth, which makes them the perfect place for families to shop. In addition, their designs are attractive without being over the top. 686 relies on cut, styling, and simple color schemes to deliver looks that evoke a feeling of respecting the sport while respecting people’s desire to look fashionable even on the slopes. I’m particularly fond of their children’s line of winter wear because I think it perfectly combines the whimsy of youth with the edgy look of classic technical gear.

Both the boys’ and girls’ lines feature snow jackets, pants, and mitts, along with technical fleece and beanies, helmets, and goggles. They all feature styles that run the gamut from old-school vibe to new school hip, making for a line that literally has something for everyone.

Siella is in love with her Shine Once Piece winter wear. It features a floral design and an ultra-durable design that’s perfect for the fashionable winter enthusiast.

686 winter wear is going to be your new favorite source for all your winter gear, I know it. Take a look at what they have to offer. I think you’ll find that their winter wear is fashionable enough to please even the pickiest aesthetic and durable enough for those who just want to get out there and shred.

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24 thoughts on “Winter Wear with Flair”

  1. This winter gear looks great. It’s definitely time to make sure everyone in the family has everything they need for snowy days!

  2. Super stylish winter fashion to wear while skiing or just enjoying the great outdoors in winter snow. I wish my kids still went outdoors for fun in winter, I’d grab some of this brand for them.

  3. This is some of the cutest want to wear for children. I have to make sure that I check out this site. Looks like they have the cutest items.

  4. I avoided the winter the last couple of years and while the clothes are cute, I’m glad to be far from snow 🙂 Such cute and colorful options fo kids. The next time I go skiing, I will certain check out 686 winter wear.

  5. You have to got the right winter outfit in New York. This looks super stylish and comfortable to wear. Fantastic choice of outfit.

  6. Your daughter is adorable. We don’t get to wear winter wear very often (although today it’s freezing), but I’m heading to Alaska soon and need some winter gear!

  7. Mama Maggie's Kitchen

    She is really beautiful! I am so loving her Winter wear. It suits her very well. Hope she had a wonderful time.

  8. Their ski suits are so cute. I love the bright colors and design! Your daughter looked really pretty in her outfit and I am sure she had a lot of fun skiing.

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