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Our Ultimate Ski Packing List

I know what you’re thinking: ski gear is impossible to pack. It’s really easy to put off packing for a family ski trip until the last minute because it is so stressful. It’s a good idea to write out everything you think you’ll need, so you don’t forget anything. But where do you begin? When it comes to cold weather and thinking about a long day on the mountain with all necessary ski essentials, it all is very overwhelming. Cold days and especially winter sports- require more than just an extra layer. The list can be long and hefty. But it doesn’t need to be.

I’m here to try to make your lives easier with the ultimate ski trip packing list! Keep reading to see the list I made for you to print out!

Ski Equipment

Personally, we like to rent our equipment for a ski vacation. There’s way too many of us to travel with all of that stuff. Moreover, we spend a lot of time in our city apartment and there isn’t really anywhere to store it all. It’s proven that the best way for us to enjoy high altitudes is by renting our items like ski poles, snowboards, etc. It also makes our ski packing list a bit easier! I would say a ski helmet can be put into this category, though and those we do have and bring along, since they’re smaller!


There will be no easy access for the bathroom when it comes to ski clothing, but the last thing on our minds is that. We worry about extra warmth, mostly! One of the most important things when it comes to your ski trip checklist is layers. These keep our body temperatures regulated and keep us extra warm on the slopes. We like to go for long underwear or layers that come in matching sets, because it’s easier to put a look together!


Now for the bulkiest category! There’s a lot to think about here. And really, it’s personal preference for some of it. For instance, some people prefer snow pants and some prefer one pieces. A must-have item is an insulated jacket. You can’t go wrong with a quality base layer, but the outer shell is incredibly important, as well. These are the coats that will trap in the heat from your body temperature and act like hand warmers for your upper half. A waterproof shell is essential, so you don’t get wet from the weather and stay that way. We find that often a puffy jacket doesn’t keep us dry, no matter how cute it is! Our family prefers to layer with fleece jackets and a waterproof ski jacket on top for the ultimate protection.

Furthermore, ski gloves or mittens, a neck warmer and snow boots are the icing on top of the perfect skiwear. These are all essential, but you can find more variety in the options that will actually work for you. Whereas, a great coat is a bit more difficult to nail. We really enjoy the Bogner collections, especially when they collaborate with LoveShackFancy! Not only do they keep us warm, but they are so cute!

Aprés Looks

Let’s talk life off the slopes! We don’t ski all night, so we have to have things to wear around the ski resort. Our go-to options are things that will keep us warm. So while I love my dresses and skirts in the city, that doesn’t fly in the snow! We choose a couple pairs of jeans and sweaters to pack for the trip. Pro tip: you can mix and match looks to save space in your suitcases! Sweaters take up a ton of space and you need to keep warm for your ski adventures. Another thing we like to pack are extra pairs of boots that we don’t ski in. The girls and I have been loving fluffy and teddy-style boots like these Moon Boots and these from Steve Madden. Boot bags are great to pack in because they prevent your clothes from getting dirty from your shoes!


This could count as pajamas, but we also need clothes that we can wear outside of the room. We travel in matching sets or sweat suits, so those are easy to pack. Not only is it so simple to put a look together since they are part of a set, but they are so comfy and warm! Our favorite brands are H&M and Aviator Nation.


Don’t forget your underwear! We pack extra underwear and socks on all trips, but especially ski trips. Layers are essential and keeping our feet warm is a necessity. Hygiene products such as toothbrushes, deodorant, floss, sunscreen, hair care and skin care are things we have to remember, as well. The good part about these items is that you can get away with travel sizes, so they all will fit in a cosmetics bag.


What are the things you usually forget? Have you ever gone on a trip and needed something you didn’t have? My go-to extras are bandaids, aloe vera, chapstick, hand sanitizer, extra power cords and hair ties. If your resort has a pool, you’ll want bathing suits and flip flops! I’m sure I’m still forgetting something, but these are at the top of my list as far as add-ons.

What’s one thing you absolutely must pack for your ski trips?

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