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Mother Daughter Bomber Jackets

Mommy and Me fashion has been a topic of contention for a while now among fashion-conscious parents. I love it so much. I’ve always said that fashion should be as fun as it is beautiful, and the mommy and me fashion trend certainly brings a healthy dose of fun to fashion for moms and daughters.

One of my favorite designers for this type of fashion, as well as women’s fashion in general, is Lauren Gabrielson. She’s a true New Yorker and a true lover of fashion. In fact, she loves it so much, she decided to create a line of clothing that resonates with women in all phases of their lives from childhood to the senior years. It’s all about women looking and feeling great no matter what stage of life they may be in.

I also feel good knowing that she supports local businesses and using local resources. She’s a true New Yorker committed to New Yorkers. I love that.

Super excited my friend Sara from Mercer + Green introduced me to her collab with Lauren Gabrielson. All three of us are loving our matching limited edition Portia (Sara’s 2nd daughter’s name) coats. They’re stylish and matchy, and they don’t make my daughters feel like babies for matching me. Both the Portia coat for women and the Portia girl’s coats feature a lovely floral design on the back in blush and taupe. They can also be initialed for an extra personalized touch. All three of our coats have our initials on them.

Another lovely mommy and me fashion piece is The Hermione (Sara’s 1st daughters name). This limited edition coat for both women and girls features a black coat with blush accents at the wrist and neckline, as well as small blush flowers across the entire bodice and sleeves. It’s a super adorable way to get in on all the matchy fun and still keep it super posh.

If you’re just looking for fashion that’s stylish no matter what stage of life you’re in, I highly encourage you to check out these Lauren Gabrielsson x Mercer + Green collab. I cannot wait to see what is next ladies!

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18 thoughts on “Mother Daughter Bomber Jackets”

  1. The pink jackets kind of have that 50’s style to them. They resemble what I’ve seen in old videos that girls would wear to a sock hop. My wife and daughter would like them.

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