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Best Books For Kids In January

We’re in full swing of school after the long holidays and back to staying on top of our reading. This month I’ve included a few New Year themed books because my children are very excited about the new decade. But I’ve also included some activity books. Activity books aren’t always on my radar but they can truly be such a fun way for my kids to learn new things.

A wonderful story for any family expecting a new edition. Bili goes through the emotions and excitements of becoming a big brother!
A lovely way to introduce poetry to our young children. A poem about a beautiful butterfly passing down culture through generations.
A sweet story about Ruby who has a special deliver for her grandmother. With the help of the animals from the Chinese zodiac will she be able to deliver it in time?
What will the new year bring? As readers are invited to celebrate in “Meow Square”, the cats share why this year brings new magic and so many new possibilities!
An important story about the power of our words. A young prince has gathered and planted dark seeds and green seeds. But as the trees begin to grow he quickly realizes the dark trees are hurtful to the green tree’s.
Meet the good egg who is a very good egg. But sometimes trying to be perfect can be hard and we start to crack. A great story about finding ones own balance and self care.
This book helps readers listen to their emotions so they can be expressed productively. Big emotions can be overwhelming for young children but these easy to follow activities guide our children in identifying them.
A super fun activity book to teach children all the wonders of our bodies. From how fast we can run to how taste buds work this is an exciting way to educate our growing children!
It’s important to remind our children how special and unique they each are. No two people are alike! And this book is that perfect reminder.
Another great activity book to help children navigate their anger. As children learn and grow they’re bound to experience frustrations but they can also learn to use this energy in productive ways!
For all the children in our lives who wonder about our beginnings. A scientific approach to all the ways God our vast universe.
An interactive flip book for our curious little ones. The world is full of wonder, everyday is a new chance to discover our curiosities.

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21 thoughts on “Best Books For Kids In January”

  1. What a lovely selection of books. I work in a school with children from troubled backgrounds, I am always on the look out for recommendations.

    Thank you for sharing x

  2. I like that every book in your selection is different, giving quite the selection of topics and subjects. The little butterfly sounds like a great book because children don’t get that easy into poetry, as it is much harder than novels.

  3. Olivia has just got to the age where she actually sits still and really listens to books so we have been enjoying them together. This is a great selection of books and we will definitely be getting some.

  4. Some really interesting sounding books with some great teachings to take from them. The good egg sounds great about teaching people to find a balance in life, I’m sure everyone can take something from that x

  5. Soem interesting looking books here, i would choose Rubys Chinese new year for my daughter and Anger management Workbook for my Son, as he can get frustrated and doesnt know how to deal with it all of the time lol.

  6. Some great selection of books here, I would love to get Ruby’s Chinese New Year for my kids as they love celebrating Chinese New Year and we go watch the dragon and lion dance every year

  7. Great selection of books, I am always on the look out for new books for my two little ones who love to read so will definitely check some of these out! I think the good egg could be a favourite for them both!

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