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14 Pajamas to Surprise Your Kids with for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it! One thing we love to do for holidays are get brand new pajama sets for the whole family, but they always make for great gifts to surprise your kids with. The perfect way to kick off the day of love is with holiday pajamas. Special occasions call for the holiday spirit and the season of love is upon us. With the winter months bringing a bit of a dreary mood over the weather, we’re finding new ways to celebrate each day. These are the best Valentine’s Day pajamas for kids this season.

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The Holiday

Valentine’s Day is a holiday all for love, but it’s so much more than that. We have our loved one’s that we care about every moment of every day, but do we show it every single day? I think we may all think that we do, and of course we do, in our own little ways, but February 14th is the one day out of the year that we make sure to show our special people just how very much we care about and appreciate them! Moreover, this is something our children should be taught, too! Gift guides will be coming for sweet little presents to share Valentine’s Day love, but in the meantime, here are some cotton pajamas and pj sets your kids will want to wear all year long!

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This holiday is for everyone. Couples, friends, family, we can all get into the team spirit for it. This holiday is the day we take that extra step to show our appreciation for the people in our lives. I always go back to that when I think about teaching my children about this holiday. Valentine’s pajamas can be for big kids and your little Valentine. Obviously, as an adult, I want everything I’ve found in adult sizes because all of the kids’ pajamas are so cute!

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Holiday-Themed Pajamas

Did anyone have holiday-themed pj’s growing up?!  I did and I looked forward to new one’s every new holiday! From Christmas pajamas to a cute set with white hearts for Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun way to wake up on the holiday and it gives you something to get excited about. You know I love gifting my children matching pajamas, it gets everyone in the spirit of the day and I do love seeing my children all matching! Pajamas can set the tone for the day, in the best way, if you let them!

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Do you get your children or yourself Valentine’s Day Pajamas every year? Or do you surprise them with the tiny sets? The limited time designs are also irresistible, I keep having to open new tab portions on my computer to shop collections. This year, it was easy peasy to pick kids Valentines pajamas from all the latest trends because the new arrivals were all THAT good! From red hearts to organic cotton, satin and different colors of x’s and o’s, these are out favorite pajamas for Valentine’s Day!

kids valentine pjs

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Firstly, you know I am all about bows! The bow trend is perfect for Valentine’s Day, too!
Secondly, these are so dainty and pretty, I couldn’t resist! It’s almost like a fairytale toille pattern.
Thirdly, how can we not go for a classic heart cotton pajama set? These are so comfy and a great price.
Another great bow pair but from a favorite brand of mine! These are the comfiest pajamas.
Another adorable and classic option. These are cozy and honestly adorable for wear all year long.
I thought these were so fun! The candy hearts scream Valentine’s Day.
I know there’s some pink in here, but the ivory makes it feel a bit more wearable for everyone. The hearts with the faces were too adorable to resist.
Moreover, these are a classic option. They’re subtle but the pink feels festive, still.
Finding comfy and soft pajamas for your little one is such a great feeling! These are organic cotton and have a two way zipper!
Here’s an option the boys will love. They are gender neutral but I love this shade of blue.
For the teens, this is a fun satin set! It’s also from Amazon, making it a great price.
Furthermore, I can’t resist a button down pajama set. The dainty hearts make this perfect!
It wouldn’t be a shopping post without sharing a LoveShackFancy find! This nightgown is perfection.
Finally, these are my girls’ favorite pajamas at the moment! They are cute, comfy and have so many colors and patterns.

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