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The Pool Floats You Need for the Best Summer

As a family, our favorite summer memories are spent in our pool. Not only is it a great way to cool down on those extremely hot summer days. It’s also a great way to stay active and get a little exercise in. Anything that gets the kids away from screens for some summer fun, is a win in my book! Furthermore, a summer glow is something I don’t mind, either! Getting my tan on is one of the best parts of summer. Particularly, every summer season, I let my kids pick out new pool floats. I have to say, I’m constantly amazed at how much cooler the floats get each year. Between the designs and technology, it all blows my mind.

Here are some of the pool floats we have in our shopping cart for the summer!

All for Fun

Firstly, I think the designs for a lot of the pool floats are outstanding. When I look at inflatable pool floats, I do tend to focus on the patters or more fun floats. The decorative pool floats just look so pretty in the hot sun. Some of the best pool floats are ones I’ve found on social media and they are so high tech and look like things they aren’t, such as a cell phone! I will never understand how these manufacturers get them to look so realistic! And the best part is there really are a plethora of options these days. Getting yourself a large pool float to cool down in for the summer is something I promise you will get so much use out of.

Recently, I’ve been seeing mesh pool chairs and I am stoked to get my hands on one, especially the options with convenient cup holders for an ice-cold drink or a built-in cooler! Moreover, I found a pizza slice pool toy that doubles as a floating beer pong table! Bring on the pool parties! The real winner off the summer might be the blow up LED volleyball net, we just need a beach ball and our pool days are golden!

Age Range

Secondly, as much fun as these pool toys are, there definitely are some age restrictions or needs to be considered. Younger kids have pool toys and don’t really need giant pool floats while they’re still learning to swim. For instance, do you have a little one who wants to get in the pool? Henceforth, grab a baby or toddler pool donut that offers shade in the form of a sun canopy. This will keep them out of direct sunlight and is a great new pool float option for babies.

Trendy summer toys are much more than pool floats nowadays. Stores offer things like a fun inflatable pool toy, specific floats for pregnant women, a mesh hammock, comfortable chairs that are a giant inflatable pool float and more! Additionally, some floats are meant to be for the whole family, while others are meant to be strictly for adults, for safety reasons, of course. I wouldn’t put a float in a kiddie pool, just because they are so big and for safety reasons, as well. But consider the shallow end of a pool! The right pool floats are all dependent on age.


Finally, pool floats are obviously not a necessity, but it is so much fun to treat yourself to a super cool activity or inflatable toy for the summer! And as I’ve mentioned, the designs and functions of a lot of the floats are out of this world these days, so prices have gone up. There are certain things I feel like our inflatable floats need in order to spend the kind of money they cost and those would include cup holders or drink holders, plenty of room, easy storage, back support, durable materials, and rave reviews, to name a few. In conclusion, an air pump, thick material, electric pumps, vinyl coating and ease of clean with mild soap are an added bonus.

For more summer finds, visit here!

Firstly, the girls love this float! It was our favorite all last summer and they will be reaching for it this summer.
Secondly, pool floats that squirt water are always a crowd favorite! They are so much fun to float around in and the water that squirts from them is a great way to keep cool!
Thirdly, you can never go wrong with a donut shaped float. FunBoy is one of our favorite brands and this is perfect for the Barbie movie coming out!
This is a step up from the traditional flamingo floats we normally see. It’s so intricately designed and something that’s fun for the kids!
If you have a little one, you need this convertible float! It has sun protection and the little wheel is too cute.
What I love about this one is that not only is it mesh, so water comes through to cool you down. But it also is shaped for you to rest on it with your arms and head propped.
Your little best friend deserves a float too! This is super cute and it’s on sale!
This will provide hours of entertainment! My kids love this and it’s easy to assemble into the pool.
Speaking of entertainment, this is perfect for parties! It’s easy to use and so much fun.
Now this is an aesthetic float. I thought it was too cute to pass up on!
How cool is this?! A floating bluetooth speaker that is adorable and practical for parties! It’s also on sale.
I have to include a float that looks like a cool sled. My kids love this for summer in the pool and winter on a snowy hill!
Furthermore, what can I say, we love pool games over here! This one is super cute and so much fun for the kids.
Finally, this is the coolest inflatable chair I’ve seen! It’s so high tec and looks stunning in the pool.

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