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The Mama Preserver

Monday morning, my intention was to ease into the week, so I could recover from the busy weekend, but my day kicked off with the usual 5am household wakeup.  When I wiped the crust from my eyes, I looked at our packed schedule in a panic, remembering that Jason was still away- meaning another week in survival mode.  Busy, busy, writing instructions for sitters, juggling each kid’s schedule, and trying to keep at the plates spinning. I dropped Ryder and Siella at school, hurried home for a quick conference call, scooted Gemma to ballet, dropped her back with the sitter and, dashed to Brooklyn for back to back meeting. Before I knew it, the day was gone, and I was texting with my sitter about dinner preparation, because I knew there wouldn’t be enough time to fix a meal when I made it back to the apartment. Over the past few weeks, I had a number of discussions with the folks over at Kitchensurfing, a company offering chef service, which prepares a meal at your house. After this epic Monday, I felt as if I needed a life preserver to stay afloat, so I knew there was no better day for a trial run at their services,


Kitchensurfing offers same day service, with an options of 2 to 3 dinners. . Red meat is rarely on the menu in our house, so I figured I would change it up that evening. Our menu consisted of Seared Hanger Steak, Mashed Butternut Squash with mushrooms, and an Avacado Salad. You simply select your time slot, and they show up.  I chose 6pm, and the service informed me that when the chef arrives with all the necessary ingrediants and cooking supplies (yes pots and pans too), it will only take 30 minutes.



At 6pm sharp, our door bell rang, and Chef Bryan arrived with everything, less the kitchen sink. He was extremely polite, and quickly starting to prepare our dinner. The kids were in absolutely fascinated, asking him plenty questions along the way. While Chef Bryan was busy cooking, he was gracious enough to take the time to explain to them each ingredient, and how he was preparing it.


Within a half hour, our super yummy gourmet dinner was complete. He plated everything for a family style dinner, even cooking the steak at different temperatures for the children. While the four of us sat down and enjoyed the meal, Bryan quickly cleaned his kit and utensils, and checked to see if we needed anything else, prior to him leaving at 7pm. The kids loved their home cooked meal, and thanked the Chef numerous times. When I made my way into the kitchen to clean our dinner plats, I was greeted by a little surprise left behind- a spotless kitchen. An exquisite meal, with none of the mess. What a delicious, relaxing experience.

IMG_4206 IMG_4205

Kitchensurfing delivers the experience and convenience of a personal chef at an accessible price with a variety of cuisines. Exclusive to NYC and major cities across the US,  Kitchensurfing offers same-day dinners during the weekdays for $25 per person for parties of 2-6 people. Customers can choose one of three menus available each day, with meat, vegetarian and pescatarian dinner options available. Every Friday, menus for the following week become available at 3:00pm, and users can book dinner the same-day anytime, prior to 3:00pm. In NYC, service is currently available below 116th Street.

IMG_4204 IMG_4211

Sometimes, it’s extremely difficult to juggle the daily chores, especially when Jason is away. Even mamas need a life raft once in a while, if they are jammed up, and this service might have just changed my life!

I would love for you all to give this a try, so I excited to offer you $25 off your first Kitchensurfing Same-Day Dinner booking here. Offer expires April 15, 2015.

Thank you Kitchensurfing for sponsoring this post and for saving the day! 

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