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Sunday Styles: Easter Ready

It’s March 1st, and although the current weather is not reflecting it, spring is coming soon; at least I hope it is. Needless to say, it has been a rough winter with frigid single digit temperatures, and we are all longing for warmer weather, so we can rid the layers upon layers, and be able to enjoy the outdoors again. For me, Easter is a holiday that symbolizes the start spring season, adorned by tulips everywhere, while the kids await a visit from the Easter bunny. We have our yearly traditions of egg decorating and hunts on my parents’ and cousin’s front lawn, and during these times, fancy attire for the kiddies is a must.

Custom Isabel Garreton Dresses Custom Isabel Garreton Dresses

This season, I got a head start by picking up these custom Isabel Garreton pleated chiffon dresses made for the girls. For all our early spring activities, I figured these dresses would work perfectly as their Easter outfits, and they can easily be carried into the summer months. The dresses are elegant and beautiful, and yet surprisingly comfortable for the girls. I especially love the organza flower detailing along the neckline.

Custom Isabel Garreton Dresses Custom Isabel Garreton Dresses

Isabel Garreton is an L.A.-based children’s designer. Her elegant designs are even more meaningful knowing that every stitch is made by artisans in Chile where, for 20 years, she has supported more than 100 seamstresses and embroiderers and their families, providing them the opportunity to earn fair wages, break the poverty cycle and educate their children. Social responsibility is woven into each and every one of her beautiful pieces. Because of their independently run manufacturing, it allows for them the flexibility to serve their customers special requests and ideas quickly.

Custom Isabel Garreton Dresses Custom Isabel Garreton Dresses

Isabel Garreton’s special occasion dresses are available at Barney’s New York, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue as well as specialty boutiques across the country.

Custom Isabel Garreton Dresses

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