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The Future Of Toys

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As a parent I am always on the lookout for new and interesting toys for my children. With such an abundance of toys on the market these days, I also want to make sure the items I am buying are educational too. I’m all for toys that help make kids smarter, more creative and more collaborative while they’re having fun.

Let’s talk about virtual reality toys! How amazing is it to virtually walk through Paris, visit the moon, swim in coral reefs or excavate a dinosaur—virtual/augmented reality can transport you anywhere.

I can see how much more information Ryder is absorbing from the VR experiences he has tried. Digging for dinosaur bones or learning about space – it opens up these subjects for him in a whole new way. If only we had all of this knowledge and information at our fingertips when we were kids.

Imagine how dynamic our education could have been if we weren’t just reading outdated text books about dinosaurs, but we could actually enter into a VR world and virtually uncover fossils. The MERGE Cube along with the Goggles are the newest educational tool that allows you to do just this!

Virtual Reality Toy Review: The MERGE Cube | Stroller In The City

The MERGE Cube is an augmented reality device that is basically a black foamy flexible box. The exterior of the cube is covered in code that you scan with your MERGE Cube app on your mobile device, like an iPhone, iPad and even an Android. When you look at your cube through the iPhone it transforms the cube in your hand into a virtual object like a castle or a human heart or fossil. It is a hologram that you hold in your hand that you can turn around and interact with.

It is a totally different way to experience augmented reality because of the handheld Cube you can use with the MERGE VR/AR Goggles (the goggles are also made of super foamy and soft material and are designed to be comfortable and wearable).

Virtual Reality Toy Review: The MERGE Cube | Stroller In The City

All of the MERGE VR experiences are vetted for safety, appropriate content and are free of ads. A few of our favorite exciting and educational experiences with the MERGE Cube are the Galactic Explorer, which is a solar system. It looks like you are holding the solar system in your hand! Amazing. It makes you feel so big and so small at the same time.

Another cool one is the Human Body—you can tap on different parts of the body and learn all about organs and look at them from all different angles. Another one that Ryder loves is the Dinosaur Digger—which takes you through an actual dig for fossils and dinosaur bones.

Virtual Reality Toy Review: The MERGE Cube | Stroller In The CityVirtual Reality Toy Review: The MERGE Cube | Stroller In The City

MERGE is creating the future of toys so naturally they specialize in virtual reality, which is where the virtual and digital worlds merge together. MERGE is building products, experiences and technology that are family friendly and more importantly, educational. The MERGE Cube is an affordable and educational toy that should definitely be on your gift list this year!

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Virtual Reality Toy Review: The MERGE Cube | Stroller In The City

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13 thoughts on “The Future Of Toys”

  1. Wow! My son would that toy! Merge sounds like something I need to look into for my kid. Especially since it let’s him visit and do things virtually! Great educational toy too!

  2. This isn’t only fun for children. It’s fun for adults. What a great teaching and learning tool! Just reading this has given me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing it.

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