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Getting Winter Ready

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I know most people dread the colder months, but a friend once told me, if you embrace it and find things to do during this time, you may think otherwise. After giving it some thought, I realized how much our family loves hitting the slopes during the winter.

Year after year, I’m blown away by my children’s progress on the hills, and just how much they have grown to enjoy it! Through our years of skiing and snowboarding, I’ve realized the importance of warm weather gear for their new found snowy passion. Bottom line, if they are cold on the mountain, it ain’t fun for anyone.

Getting Winter Ready | Stroller In The City

When packing for the slopes, I usually have a mental checklist, to include doubles of everything. That goes for hats, gloves, scarves, snow boots, and winter pants. Conditions always vary with snow one day, and blue bird sun others, so wet gear may not dry by the following day, so having backups are an absolute must!

Getting Winter Ready | Stroller In The CityGetting Winter Ready | Stroller In The CityGetting Winter Ready | Stroller In The City

With kids, you can never have too many hats and gloves to keep warm, as these items seem to randomly go missing while the kids are at school or random activities. Keeping this in mind, while stocking up for the holidays at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club last weekend, I stumbled upon the cutest hat and glove sets for the kids.

I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found ZeroXposur snow pants for Siella and Gemma.  Both have grown out of last year sizes, so I stocked up on a pair for each! And just as I couldn’t carry another thing, Totes snow boots were on the shelves, in sizes for all three of them.They are insulated and water resistant, ideal for the cold NYC streets, or the mountains upstate.

Initially, I planned to save some of these items to stick under the tree, but I probably need to break them out early for the snow looming in next week’s forecast!

Getting Winter Ready | Stroller In The CityGetting Winter Ready | Stroller In The CityGetting Winter Ready | Stroller In The CityGetting Winter Ready | Stroller In The City

When shopping this holiday season, BJ’s Wholesale Club is truly a one-stop shopping destination for  winter apparel for the whole family, without breaking the bank. They are committed to offering the best value of any supermarket or wholesale club, and families saving up to $500 a year by shopping at BJ’s!

Getting Winter Ready | Stroller In The CityGetting Winter Ready | Stroller In The City

Excited to offer you two promo codes for same-day grocery delivery for BJ’s shipments in December, for orders in excess of $35. Use code “bjswinter” during 12/1-12/9 and “bjsholiday” during 12/15-12/24. And to sign up to become a BJ’s Wholesale Member, (a must for the holidays) visit: https://www.bjs.com/membershipEnroll. Happy Holidays!

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Getting Winter Ready | Stroller In The City

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12 thoughts on “Getting Winter Ready”

  1. Love! Packing lists are so insanely important! I make them for myself but I am sure soon enough they’re going to come SUPER HANDY when my son is born and we decide to travel with him!

  2. They look ready to go for the winter months. I wish I lived somewhere where I could get that bundled up for the winter. Down here in Georgia, it doesn’t get extra cold.

  3. The new winter gear must be super warm! It’s great that you were able to find so much at BJ’s. It’s definitely time to make sure everyone has what they need for the snow.

  4. Those look like some great winter gear products. It’s already been cold here where everyone has to bundle up. I just wish we had more snow though.

  5. The hats and gloves are so cute. I wish my daughter was that age again. I always buy extra hats and gloves every year. My son has a habit of misplacing his.

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Your girls look like they are excited for the winter and for all the activities you have planned for the family. I am glad you found what you needed at BJ’s. It does seem like a great place to shop. Wish we had one in our area too.

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