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Shopping By District: Meatpacking

I think it’s safe to say that no matter what area, district, section of New York City you are in, there’s no shortage of boutiques to shop from. And if you know me, I could pretty much find something to buy anywhere.
BUT, one area that is closest to my heart is the Meatpacking District. It holds a special place as it was the first location I opened my showroom. I remember telling my realtor to find me a space there, and she practically rolled her eyes at me, saying why would you want your showroom there and not in the garment district. That was the one place I didn’t want to be.
I felt the energy of the Meatpacking District and just knew this was the spot for me. And if she couldn’t find me a space there, I was going to find it on my own and I did just that. I walked up and down the streets looking for little signs on spaces I could rent. I wound up settling on a sweet little space at 17 Little West 12th Street and that would be my home for the next three years.
During that time, I saw major changes happening to the area. Big name designer shops and designers (hello DVF!) were moving in, hot spot restaurants were opening up, hotels were being built, it was the beginning of a whole new era.
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
Now, more than ten years later, the Meatpacking District is home to the Whitney Museum of American Art, high-end designer clothing stores and a stretch of the High Line, an elevated park built atop former railroad tracks. At ground level, the cobblestone streets are filled with trendy restaurants and clubs that have taken over the cavernous spaces once occupied by the namesake meatpacking plants.
I decided to do a holiday Gift Guide highlighting some of my favorite places to shop and visit in the Meatpacking District!
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
Unlimited express and free admission throughout the year and 50% off general admission tickets for guests available at Member Services Desk. I love a gift that keeps on giving and with a membership to the Whitney Museum of American Art, that is exactly what you’ve got!
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
Chocolate tower that contains two signature assortments for a stunning impression that everyone would love to receive. Each box is individually wrapped in an elegant gold stripe paper, stacked as a tower, and tied together with an over-sized satin ribbon.
I am not a big sweets person, but these chocolates from Li-Lac are absolutely to die for and make for the perfect gift for everyone!
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
This timeless wrap dress is the perfect go to dress, with a twist of leopard and stripes. It can easily be worn to the office or to a night out! This dress is so flattering and fits very comfortably. I love how versatile it is in that it can be festive or casual.
 A romantic pleated maxi skirt is the easiest way to wake up your wardrobe—especially in a striking patchwork of prints (including a classic leopard, of course). This skirt is so cute! It can easily be paired with a t-shirt for a more casual look, or a nice blouse to dress it up!
This sweet metallic sweater features ruffles at the shoulders and wrists, 100% merino wool and a feminine fit.
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
Three yoga classes, complimentary yoga mat, and towel rentals.
Yoga is such a fun and relaxing exercise. The y7 studio provides for a variety of different classes to be chosen from!
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
White with multi-color pops bordering this cute little sleep mask Features “beauty sleep” in gold lettering and a pretty gold band with elastic for easy adjustment.
I love a good sleep mask that rests lightly on my eyes and especially silk ones to keep the under eye area cool. This Pom Sleep Mask from Paper Source is delicate and cute!
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
A good candle is always a great gift and this one from Anthropologie is so cute with its silver, sparkled container!
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
Add a chic twist to any look with this classic wool beret.
I love this cute beret! It’s perfect to add a festive touch to any outfit during the holiday season.
Amethyst Crystal Face Roller is used to enrich a morning and evening beauty routine. It maintains healthy blood circulation and skin tone, boosts natural collagen, reduces puffiness and wrinkles, and more. I love a good skin care tool, especially a stylish one that comes in a variety of different colors and crystals!
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
$170 – Festive go to heels that can be dressed up or down. Classic red, with a look that can add the perfect amount of spice, or worn day to day.
Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love shoes? I’m a sucker for a classic heel, especially when it’s as festive as these cute Maysha Slingbacks!
Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City
Book of recipes, crafts, and other homemade adventures for your coziest year yet.
Books are always a great gift, and for the New York cold, a book of cozy is the perfect gift!
Throw pillow with white background and red heart on front.
All a home or apartment really needs to give it a cozy touch is a good throw pillow…or five! These Love pillows from Vitra are so cute and come in a variety of designs and colors!
Each fragrance is a revival of the spirit of lavish receptions and festivities that were held in the Chateau de Marly. Original scents are held in a museum called la Cour Marly.
I love the packaging of these Parfum De Marly fragrances! They are gorgeous and fragrances are always a great gift for the holidays!

Shopping In NYC: Meatpacking District | Stroller In The City

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26 thoughts on “Shopping By District: Meatpacking”

  1. Loved you took us along to show us! I remembered your blog from years ago and wondered now that you don’t have kids in strollers if you still had a blog with this name. Glad I re found you!

  2. I visited New York a few years back but I didn’t get time to fit in the Meatpacking District, such a shame because I would have loved to. It looks fab and I love your skirt!

  3. Ohhhhh man you reminded me of how much I used to love exploring the city!! Before kids, or more specifically, before the twins came and I couldn’t get on the subway or bus anymore because 3 little kids and no elevator, yeah right! It’s been years since I’ve been to Meatpacking District – great guide, gotta get back soon!! And also, can we talk about THAT SKIRT! LOVE!!!

  4. Nice blog, i love how you describe in enjoying yourself at the Meatpacking District. I also like the skirt. Love it.

  5. There looks to be so much to enjoy and see here. I never really would have thought all this amazing stuff would be available in a district with such a name.

  6. Catherine Santiago Jose

    Nice post and sounds like you are having a great time in showing us this beautiful place. Love your outfit and thanks for sharing us your gift suggestions.

  7. Yes it’s a very amazing area. I would love a showroom there the price now is so high, I am stuck only dreaming about it. I adore Soho, NYC has so many gems.

  8. What a fun place to go and find little treasures… I like shopping and I’ve always wanted to visit NYC. I’ll have to keep the Meatpacking district in mind!

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