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The Cutest Charm Collectors

The girls have been collecting CHARM IT charms for what feels like forever now. Their line of cute charms, now bags, and accessories are all about making a big, impactful, and personal statements, and I think that’s the best lesson I’ll ever be able to teach my girls.

As their name implies, CHARM IT started out as a purveyor of bright, bold, and whimsical charms and charm bracelets for girls who love to make a statement. The girls been collecting their charms and charm bracelets (I mean look at this post!), but now I’m happy to report the brand expanded into a wide variety of even more super fun accessories to choose from. CHARM IT has now added bags, hair accessories, necklaces, and even shoelace charms to their collection.

From birthday emojis and pandas to a “Grandma’s Girl” locket, unicorn, and so much more, these charms are fashionable, fun, and downright adorable. They even have a scented collection!

From dazzling, rainbow backpacks to glittering, hedgehog charm bags, fuzzy unicorn hats, LED sequin bows, and more, CHARM IT has taken their signature color-filled take on accessories and broadened it to include almost anything any girl could want. They even have rhinestone necklaces and barrettes for even more options.


From their super cute charms to their bright and bold bags, hats, and jewelry, CHARM IT says to girls everyone, “Be bold. Be adventurous. Be you. And don’t let anyone tell you not to be.”

photography by Lauren Kara 

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