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The Air We Breath

As you know, we live in New York City, and we have a dog. Between those two factors and a houseful of kids and their friends, environmental allergies were a real problem in our home. We often think of opening windows to let fresh air in, but that air is laden with allergens, and if you live in a city the size of the one that we live in, all sorts of particulates, smoke, smog, and other air pollutants. Of course, all that stuff also sticks to our clothing when we enter the home. All of that adds up to indoor air that can be even more polluted than the air outside! I’m not a fan.
About a few months ago, we discovered Blueair purifiers, felt the difference of cleaner air for our family. Blueair air purifiers remove airborne pollen, smoke, dust, and more, providing a safe environment for my children to grow! Beautifully designed in Sweden, Blueair purifiers are a must have in efforts of making the air in your home cleaner and safer for all your families. We loved them so much, we decided to add a Blueair purifier to every room in our new home out east! 

The first thing I want to say is that I love how much air the Blueair Auto moves. It really cycles a lot of it, and I love that because I want our air to be as clean as possible. It’s also not an energy sink. This Energy Star certified purifier uses less energy than a regular lightbulb on the low setting, which is great for our electric bill and on the environment in general.

Secondly, I’m in love with how effective our air purifier is. Effective to me means a visible improvement in my family’s allergies. This purifier removes airborne pollen, smoke, dust, VOCs, microplastics, bacteria, and viruses, and I can honestly say that I can tell. We’re a family of allergy sufferers, and I can absolutely tell a difference in my and my family’s allergies indoors with our air purifier working vs outdoors. I’ve heard less sniffing and nose blowing, and I’ve been doing less of those things myself, which is fantastic.

I’m especially glad we have the Blueair Auto now that we’re getting closer to cold and flu season. With less gross stuff in the air, including airborne germs, there’s less of a chance that we’re going to get a cold. I love that because my entire family is all go all the time. We don’t have time to be sick! Better than all of that – well, not better but a definite plus – is how quiet it is. It uses an advance HEPASilent technology that makes it super efficient while remaining extremely quiet. I love that because I don’t like the sound of humming or whirring in the background all the time.

Our Blueair purifier has made a big difference in our allergies, and I couldn’t be a bigger fan! So excited to share a discount code: ‘Brianne15’ for 15% off your Blueair purchase!

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32 thoughts on “The Air We Breath”

  1. I think this gadget is very ideal today. With all these airborne diseases, an air purifier will surely help lessen the risk. Also, the design of it is very practical and space saver
    Thanks for sharing

  2. A purifier is really so helpful for allergies. I need one asap as lately my allergies are getting worse. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. “We have no time to be sick”! I love that, Brianne! It’s lovely to know purifiers like these exist. Otherwise, everyone is back on the road and the quality of the air we are breathing in, is worsening with each passing day!

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