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Back to School Backpacks Your Kids Need

With back to school just around the corner, I’m sure everyone is on the hunt for the perfect backpack! Backpacks really are such a personal thing, though. Everyone has specific things they like or need when it comes to their idea of the perfect backpack. Size, design, organization and ease of cleaning are a few things to consider when purchasing a backpack for back to school season. I’ve pulled together a list of 10 backpacks that I think provide plenty of options for everyone!

This is a great option for older kids! It’s clean yet trendy and they have so many color options to choose from! They also sell padded laptop backpacks, that are perfect for college aged kids or even adults to bring to work!
I have to throw in the TWELVElittle backpack bundle again, because this deal is just way too good! You get to choose from a variety of different patterns, there’s so many organizational pockets and it comes with a matching lunchbox. Hurry, these are going fast!
You can never go wrong with a Jansport! This brand is a classic and they always have a ton of pockets and are durable.
State makes the most stunning backpacks! They are such a statement bag and they not only have a ton of organizational pockets inside, but they have two pouches on the outside for water bottles or whatever you want to put in them! These also come in a few different sizes.
PB Teen has a plethora of backpacks to choose from with endless designs! This one is great because it’s made from recycled materials and has so much storage space. You also have the option to monogram it!
I wanted to include a rolling backpack for those kids who have a ton to carry or just like this type of backpack! These are great because your kids can either use the back straps or just roll them instead of carrying heavy books on their backs and L.L.Bean products are super durable! Totally worth every penny!
If you have little ones, this is the deal for you! This bundle comes with a backpack, lunchbox and a matching water bottle! They’re water resistant, have a few designs to choose from and can be personalized.
Herschel is another great backpack brand! They’re so stylish, come in several different colors and patterns, as well as sizes. They also have sternum straps for extra support if you need it!
If you’re on a back to school budget, I have the perfect backpack for you! This bag has tons of 5 star reviews and is incredibly durable. And they have every color imaginable!
Finishing up with another great Amazon find! If your kid loves to express themselves with accessories, this is the backpack for them! It’s adorable and perfect for traveling with because there is a pocket inside for a tablet!

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20 thoughts on “Back to School Backpacks Your Kids Need”

  1. Kids need so many things to get started for the new year and a backpack is one of them. Lots of great choices here- my kids like the traditional style best but their preference has changed over the years now that they are teenagers.

  2. These are lovely collection of backpacks and some of which are very nostalgic to me and reminds me my gradeschool days. Anyway, i grew up with Jansports brand and even today i still have their backpacks. They are very durable

  3. Nnnniiiiccceeeeeee….I choose the Fjallraven Classic since it’s quite bigger than the other kinds and it has handles on the very top. That should be easier to carry or drag along!

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