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Surprise! We Are Going To Disney World

I was asked to participate in the #HallmarkAtWalgreens campaign sponsored by Hallmark. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

For the last three months, I’ve been planning a family trip to Disney World that we’ve been keeping a secret from the kids. I didn’t realize that preparing for this trip can be overwhelming, with all the places to see in the short amount of time that we will be there, and naturally during our pre-thanksgiving stay, it is sure to be very busy.  My three months of prep is eclipsed by those dedicated travelers, who book rides and meals six months in advance. I have definitely learned for next time, but regardless, I know that this trip will certainly be one to remember.

Since our trip is on Saturday, we decided it would be best to tell the kids this week. The original plan was to tell them on the plane, but I felt it was best to give them time to absorb the news, and let the excitement build. Having learned from a prior “surprise,” at a performance of Frozen Disney On Ice, it seemed like they were just in sensory overload from popping up there, and they didn’t even have reactions.

IMG_3008 FullSizeRender copy 9

Last weekend, I was shopping at our local Walgreens, when we came across the cutest Hallmark ornaments featuring all the Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse, and Star Wars characters. Since the kids have been asking for a pint-sized Christmas tree for their bedroom, I thought it would be fun to deck their mini tree with all things Disney; and that would be a perfect time to let them in on our little secret. So, before we left the store, each of the kids picked out their favorite Disney character ornament, and I even picked one out for myself.IMG_2979 IMG_3034 IMG_3037

Last night, they decorated their tree with the Hallmark ornaments, and some colored balls, also purchased at Walgreens. After the last ball had been hung, they were told that we had a surprise in store, and we started dishing out clues. One hint was that all the figures on the tree had something to do with it. Siella quickly shouted Princesses! Not quite guessing, our game continued with me asking where the princesses live. She exclaimed a Magic Castle, followed by Disney World! She immediately jumped up and down. At first, Ryder was upset because he thought we would only see princesses, but we reassured him that he would see some of his favorite Star Wars dudes, and his Disney favorite character Pluto. Gemma sat on the floor, continuing to decorate the tree, and finally jumping up and down when she saw her siblings do it. Not quite the reactions we had hoped for, but this morning, the questions about airplane rides, hotels and rides have already started. I’m really looking forward for them to experience this, because I recall when my siblings and I were about the same ages and our parents first took us there for the first time.

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I’m certain our trip will be a magical one, and I can’t wait to share our adventures with you all, next week. And every year from now on, when we decorate our mini tree with our Disney and Star Wars character figurines, it will be a reminder of the first time they visited Disney World!

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