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Holiday Sentiments

I know, I know, I say this every year, but the minute Halloween ends, it seems like we are racing to the holidays. Store fronts are quick to trade their orange and black displays, for festive bright lights and gift boxes. Weather turns from comfy to chilly. The kids are already buzzing about their Christmas lists for Santa. And later this week, on the day after Thanksgiving, their little elves come for daily visits, returning every day until Christmas eve, as they do each year.


Last year, we started a new tradition, by adding a little Christmas tree in the kids’ bedroom. For the past week, they’ve been begging us to take out the tree, so it can be decorated. I thought it would be cute to let each of them pick out a new ornament each year, so they can start their own collection as time progressed. Last year, we surprised the kids with a trip to Disney World, and told them over Disney Hallmark ornaments, found at our local Walgreens. So this year, we decided to head back and re-up the tree decor. Ryder and I made a special date and couldn’t wait to pick up new holiday items. In my head, I figured we would grab a few more ornaments and be on our way, but to my surprise, Hallmark at Walgreens had almost everything I needed for the holidays the Walgreens exclusive Inspirations from Hallmark line of gift wrap, gift bags, gifts and home décor, and licensed ornaments from Hallmark.

img_7515 img_7498 img_7500

As you know, one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is sending out holiday cards. I always custom make my mailers, with pictures of the children. Those picture cards are fun, but they leave little room for a personal message to the recipient. And that’s why I was drawn to the Hallmark greeting cards. The Hallmark Signature premium line of greeting cards provide #NoOrdinaryCard for the extra special people in our lives, and they allow you to write a little note, thanking friends and loved ones for all they have done throughout the year. I always have the children write out special ones for their grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and teachers.

img_7624 img_7611

Naturally Ryder was all about the licensed ornaments from Hallmark, and immediately picked up an Olaf for Gemma, Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Darth Vader for himself, all of these can only be found exclusively at Walgreens. We chose the Elsa and Little Mermaid ones for Siella. It was nice to see a new mix of characters like Batman, Captain America, Mickey, Minnie, and Troll characters, and I have a feeling we may be going back for those too.


I was happy to have come home with my new Hallmark greeting cards and about 4 rolls of the Walgreens exclusive Inspirations from Hallmark wrapping paper, a few home decor pieces – which are also from the Inspirations from Hallmark line and only found at Walgreens and at least a dent in my holiday shopping done. Walgreens truly is the perfect one-stop shop for the holidays; and I know I will be making several more trips back in the next couple of weeks, sans the kiddies because Santa can’t have the same wrapping paper as I do (insert wink).

img_7684img_7502 img_7534 img_7600

With our new Hallmark ornaments in hand, the kids were psyched to decorate “their” Christmas tree and write out their Christmas cards that evening. The girls were totally stoked with what Ryder had picked out for them. They started chatting about our trip to Disney last year and all the fun memories we had. Little do they know we are surprising them with another trip in a few weeks, but I will fill you in on that another time.


Super excited to announce we are hosting a #HallmarkAtWalgreens Sweepstakes November 14, 2016 – December 10, 2016. This sweepstakes will give several readers a chance to win a themed prize pack, including Hallmark items, a Walgreens gift card, and other holiday essentials. Good luck and happy holidays!

And don’t forget to tune in on December 1st, for a #HallmarkAtWalgreens twitter party! We will be giving away fun prizes and chatting about holidays! 

#HallmarkAtWalgreens Winter Holiday 2016 Sweepstakes

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13 thoughts on “Holiday Sentiments”

  1. I have a few of these decorations. I love the Hallmark greeting card line. They have a great selection for every occasion.

  2. Hallmark greeting cards are always so pretty. They really have something for everyone. I will have to check out this years Hallmark decorations.

  3. I love the idea of letting them have their own little Christmas trees. My boys would love that! Looks like Hallmark has lots of cute things I need to check out!

  4. That’s so sweet! I love this post! It’s amazing that they have their own Christmas tree. Hallmark ornaments is always a must have on our Christmas tree every year. I’m o excited to see their reactions once you tell them about your surprise. 🙂

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