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Sunday Styles: Target Holiday

We have tons of events, taking place over the next month, which is exciting yet exhausting, all at the same time. To start, we are currently in Disney World, and we come home just in time for Thanksgiving, and a weekend of other family functions. Between Turkey Day and Christmas there are holiday traditions we always make sure not to miss, such as multiple visits to Santa, the Radio City Rockettes, the Nutcracker, and even a Ginger Bread House assembly. IMG_3248

I’ve been trying to get ready with everyone’s holiday attire early this year, rather than rushing to put outfits together on the morning of each obligation. I found these great sweater dresses for the girls at Target. They can serve as the perfect dress for any occasion, and still be worn throughout the long cold seasons ahead.

IMG_3201 IMG_3213

Siella’s Almond Cream Sweater Dress mixes brown, pink, and beige detail around the neckline. She found it super comfy and cozy.


Gemma’s Cream Frock from OshKosh Girls and is a fun, and easy-to-wear staple to add to her holiday wardrobe; and the waffle texture with the front pockets adds smart detailing.

IMG_3254 IMG_3227 IMG_3255

Both dresses can be worn with leggings, tights, or denim pants, leaving your little one looking adorable, regardless of how you pair each top. After all these years, Target is still a one stop shop for all my holiday attire for these end of the year playdates, dinners and get togethers.

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