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Sunday Swoon: Toddler Royalty

We are swooning this week over Toddler Royalty. A brand that breathes creativity, uniqueness and individuality of today’s children. Toddler Royal is a high fashion children’s clothing line, custom-made, by hand with an edgy yet sweet, soft yet punk-rock.



Their dresses are for those sassy little ones in our lives, who march around, with their tiaras on, ruling the world. The name stemmed from a conversation, founder and designer, Heather Parkin was having with her sister-in-law about their little Royalty they call toddlers.


The inspiration of the line comes from the designer Heather watching her own two daughters, Lola and Simone, playing dress-up. Both little girls radiate a true sense of confidence, after reaching into that toy chest full of costumes and princess dresses, making their own independent choice of becoming a magical character or rock star. Sort of like my girls..

What’s your swoon…..

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