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Sunday Swoon: Smokks

I am so excited to share with you this weeks Sunday Swoon featuring Smokks. The story of how Smokks was born is probably one of the funniest stories I have ever heard. It makes me laugh because I am now traveling a lot these days and feel the same way about when Jason’s dresses them for school.


Smokks was created by working-traveling mom, Hallie Burton, often-in-charge dad, George, and spirited style-loving four year old, Pompie. Smokks came to life after many amusing moments between the family when friends and teachers began to notice when Hallie was traveling due to Pompie’s attire. When in charge of dressing Pompie in the morning for school, George tended to follow the “what’s on top” rule, and whatever was on top of the pile, that’s what Pompie wore! The situation came to a head when Hallie once arrived at a school performance and saw Pompie in her PJs.


Striving to create a clothing line that was easy enough for George to mix and match, met Hallie’s stylish and durability standards and made Pompie feel beautiful. The style-made-simple effortless clothing offers a modern take on classic little girl looks made with high-quality, and vibrant fabrics.



Each stylish piece is durable for everyday wear, able to be layered for multiple seasons, soft and iron free, and contains no buttons, zips or hooks for ultimate comfort. With adjustable hems and ample arm holes, each piece grows with the child for over two years. Smokks is just perfect for your little girl!

What’s your swoon…..

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