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Sunday Styles: Velveteen Clothing

Siella was about a year old when I attended my first Playtime Trade Show, in New York City. As a long time employee and business owner in the fashion industry, I was no stranger to trade shows, but Playtime is a children’s trade show so it was definitely a unique experience. It was cuter, way less pretentious, and turned out to be a great resource for discovering new brands for my little ones!

Velveteen Children's Clothing Review Velveteen Children's Clothing Review

One designer that stood out during the show was Velveteen. They offered some of the most unique pieces, and their designs were so up my alley! Super chic, yet comfortable. No wonder why my girls love them, and their collections have become one of my favorites.

Velveteen Children's Clothing Review Velveteen Children's Clothing Review

Ever hear of a skort? Well, they are skirt/ short combos, and Velveteen has done a darling job incorporating this fun new trend into their line. Gemma is wearing the Alissa playsuit, which features long flowing sleeves, a smocked waistband, tying in the lower skort. The heavily gathered flutter skirt lays nicely over shorts. Siella has on the Vivi top with dramatic flutter princess sleeves, and the separate Eloise skort.

Velveteen Children's Clothing Review Velveteen Children's Clothing Review Velveteen Children's Clothing Review Velveteen Children's Clothing Review Velveteen Children's Clothing Review

Velveteen is brand that I support as they are recognized as a do-good company in my eyes. They work with fair-trade organizations, and garments are finely crafted and hand-embroidered, using a combination of artisan techniques, by employees based in India. Providing employment to mothers who would otherwise be unable to provide for their children, and education for children who would otherwise be unable to attend school is probably the most commendable action of all. Bravo Velveteen Clothing!

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Velveteen Clothing”

  1. What adorable outfits perfect for spring! My own little girl would love to have any of those pieces to add to her wardrobe!

  2. These skirts looks super cute! I’m going to pass this along to my sister who has two young daughters. I think she’s going to like it.

  3. Velveteen clothing looks like a great option. I love the stylish yet functional appeal to it. I miss having little girls around, my daughter is not into dressing like this anymore, she’s almost 16 now.

  4. What cute clothes for your littles! I saw the brand name and instantly remembered happy moments reading the Velveteen Rabbit. Always good when the brand connects so automatically.

  5. Clothes need to be stylish and allow for play. Looks like Velveteen does both for your little girls. Need to shop for my daughter.

  6. Velveteen is new to me, but they may become one of my favorites after reading about their quality. The outfits are very cute and appropriate for their ages.

  7. Marielle Altenor

    What adorable styles! I love companies that take part in fair-trade organizations. I’ll have to check them out for my toddler.

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