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Sunday Styles: Terez

From former showroom owner to mom of three growing kids, fashion is a rapidly moving and changing endeavor, but has remained a constant love in my life. Finding styles that are as comfortable as they are cute can be a challenge, but is necessary when you have little ones who are all about comfort! Leggings have always been a favorite of ours and with Terez we have found our cute and comfy.

Sunday Styles: Terez | Stroller In The City
Terez offers high quality clothing and makes a wide variety of textures and patterns, and even matching mommy daughter outfits! A staple during this holiday season were Terez’ Silver Coil Grinch Leggings. They are fun, festive, and fashionable!
Sunday Styles: Terez | Stroller In The City
While leggings are certainly a stable in our household, Terez also carries a variety of tops, active wear, and rompers! Not only is Terez a creator of great clothing, they are also champions of female empowerment. A large variety of their unique designs are to support individuality and for women to feel comfortable in their own skin! Everything is made with quality and passion in the USA.
Sunday Styles: Terez | Stroller In The City
Terez can be found online, but if you are in New York, or will be in New York for Christmas time, be sure to visit their pop up at 158 Mercer St! The have extended their pop up and have the cutest set up! Even the dressing rooms are adorable! From the patterns to the styles and quality, Terez is great for the entire household!

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13 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Terez”

  1. I am going to New York next month and I will definitely check out Terez. I had a hard time to choose the leggings, and the ones in Terez look fabulous.

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    This is another great find for me. My kids are much older but I have little nieces that love wearing leggings. I will call my cousin today and let her know.

  3. What fun outfits! And the location seems colorful and fun, too. I always love doing fashion posts when I go away! <3

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