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A Visit To The American Girl Cafe NYC!

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Last year, the American Girl store here in New York City moved just a few blocks from their original Fifth Avenue location over to Rockefeller Center. It’s a completely transformed store now and way bigger than the previous one! The girls love taking their dolls to eat in the American Girl Cafe NYC.


We’ve visited the new location a few times over the last year, but Siella has been asking if we can go back to the American Girl Cafe NYC. The last time we did that, it was for Siella’s Fifth Birthday, and since Gemma has never been, I thought it would be cute to take them both as a pre-holiday gift. With the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree only a block away, we could truly make this a festive afternoon!

The girls went over which outfits for their dolls to wear and kept changing their minds for about two days prior until they got it just perfect. Gemma took her Leah doll, and Siella took her Julie doll.

We checked in during our Holiday Tea slotted time and were immediately escorted to the “Build-Your-Own” Hot Cocoa Bar! We each made a little bag of hot cocoa topped with chocolate chips, peppermints, and marshmallows! Next, the girls were each handed a holiday craft to do at the table while we wait for our fun drinks and treats to arrive! The girls ordered the AG signature pink lemonade and I decided why not and have a glass of wine!

The staff couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating, and the girls got a kick out of their own little girls Leah and Julie being treated to sweets and little gifts as well. We enjoyed savory and sweets, like mini shepherd’s pie, scones, cinnamon buns, classic cucumber tea sandwiches, along with holiday desserts afterwards. Our bellies were overstuffed to say the least.

Once we had our fill, we walked through the store looking at just about every single doll, outfit, and accessory they had to offer. I treated the girls to a little accessory each for their dolls before heading out to get a better look at the Rock Center Tree and store windows down Fifth Avenue. What a holiday treat this was for sure for not only the girls, but for me as well! Happy Holidays friends!

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Plan a mom and daughter date at the American Girl Cafe NYC located in the flagship Rockefeller Center American Girl Store

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7 thoughts on “A Visit To The American Girl Cafe NYC!”

  1. That looks like it was such a fun event! I’ve been a huge fan of American Girl for years. I love that they always have such a positive story behind their dolls.

  2. American Girl is one of my kids favorite stores! They make the trip well worth the drive! I love seeing all the clothing and accessories too!

  3. My daughter was obsessed with the American Girl store. She still has Molly but in her dorm now! We are supposed to go back to the store after her college graduation in May (Go figure!).

  4. It seems that your daughters had a lot of fun and enjoyed a lot this American Girl Cafe visit. The perfect pre-holiday visit! I would love to visit it too!

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