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Sunday Styles: Pink Elephant Organics

We got a little taste of summer recently in NY and you know I busted out all our spring duds to fully enjoy the weather. We have been in such a style rut, continuing to wear our tattered winter wardrobe all the way into April! I can’t believe we are still wearing winter jackets and May is just around the corner!

Dresses From Pink Elephant Organics

Luckily, mother nature throws us a few warm days here and there. The girls were so excited to shed their multiple layers and put on dresses. Pink Elephant Organics has the cutest clothes for kids and the girls were loving their checkered dresses with hot pink tassel sleeves. Sizes run from 6-months all the way up to 6+years and there are so many stunning styles like pinafores and tunics.

Dresses From Pink Elephant Organics

Made from organic fabrics free of pesticides and chemicals, Pink Elephant takes quality and care very seriously with their children’s clothing. Sometimes shopping sustainable and organic means you have to sacrifice style—this is not the case with the adorable Pink Elephant collection. And oftentimes the price tag of organic makes it unaffordable for most parents but because Pink Elephant sells exclusively online, they are able to offer the highest quality organic clothing at an affordable price. Cute fashions, organic fabrics and social responsibility—Pink Elephant has everything I love and want for the kids.

Dresses From Pink Elephant Organics Dresses From Pink Elephant Organics

Pink Elephant also takes their social responsibility as seriously as their quality. Each piece is made in sweatshop-free factories that pay a fair wage to their employees. Pink Elephant has a transparent supply chain and a portion of proceeds goes towards charities that help children and wildlife. Some of the foundations they support are Save the Elephants, Children’s Hospitals, St. Judes, Make a Wish Foundation and Save the Children!


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10 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Pink Elephant Organics”

  1. Jealous of the sunshine! We had flurries over the weekend. Can’t wait to jump right from winter into summer, don’t mind skipping this chilly spring. PS: Those outfits are adorable!

  2. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    After our very strange March it was great to have such mild, even warm, weather here in the Tristate area recenntly. The girls look adorable in their dresses.

  3. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Love those dresses! Love dresses that you can “dress up” or “dress down” just like those! And hey, the company ethics don’t hurt at all.

  4. These dresses are so cute and it’s great to know that the company takes social responsibility into account.

  5. What an adorable set of outfits. I love the idea of matching outfits for little ones. I haven’t heard of Pink Elephant Organics yet but now I am going to go check them out to see what they have to offer for stylish clothing for my niece.

  6. Styling family for sure! I love that these clothes are organic and free of all the chemicals. And they look adorable.

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I will have to check out Pink Elephant. I have twin granddaughters and these dresses are super cute. I think I will find some quality clothes at Pink Elephant that the twins can wear this spring and summer.

  8. Saidah Washington

    What a great purpose behind the creation of this clothing. It’s such a great way to ethically dress your family and support causes you love

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