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Simple Sandals

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I have been on the hunt for simple sandals that I can wear for everyday but that also work for evening or events and specifically for travel. When I am traveling with kids I really can’t pack a thousand bags just for me, like the old days. I used to bring a different pair of shoes for every night and several day or beach options. Obviously those rules don’t apply these days. I need my shoes to do double…maybe triple-duty now.

Naot Sandals Review

I recently discovered the brand Naot on Zappos and I have to say, they bring comfort and style to a whole new level. Sure, I wish I could run around all day in spike heels and never feel a moment of pain but let’s get real. For everyday and all of the traveling I do, I have to be realistic with my footwear—luckily with Naot I can be fashionable and comfortable (those two don’t often go together).

Naot Sandals ReviewNaot Sandals Review

The Naot collection is so versatile and the Vixen wedge sandal is totally able to flow seamlessly with my classic looks and boho style. The heel is the perfect manageable height that I can easily wear all day, especially with the cork wedge. I packed these shoes for my recent trip to Mexico and I was so happy I did. I always feel so much more put together and beautiful when I am comfortable in my shoes—literally!

Naot Sandals Review

I do all of my last minute shoe shopping on Zappos to find the right pair of shoes to fit in with my wardrobe and my needs. I can order several sizes and styles and ship back what doesn’t work for me. It is hassle-free and such a no-brainer. They sell every brand and you can buy for the whole family. Honestly, nothing compares to Zappos’ incredible customer service, super speedy shipping, and flexible return policies. I am definitely going to snag another color in this shoe and possibly a few other styles for summer.

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7 thoughts on “Simple Sandals”

  1. I have been buying tons on zappos lately! They have the cutest selection and you cant beat the shipping!

  2. I am all for simple sandals, loving those because of the color and they look like they would fit pretty comfortably. Glad for a new option for sandals, it’s almost summer and I need to get my new sandals for summer 2018!

  3. I’ve browsed Zappos in the past, but never bought from them. I will definitely keep them in mind since I’m going to be buying new sandals soon!

  4. Those Vixen wedge sandals look super comfortable and cute! I haven’t shopped in Zappos but I have heard that they have an amazing customer service.

  5. Those shoes are great for warm weather. We love to shop at Zappos too. My son plays basketball and goes through shoes like nobody’s business.

  6. I love the sandals, they are so perfect for summer! I also like shopping at zappos I think they have one of the best and easy return policies.

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