Sunday Styles: Mini Dreamers

When it comes to my children’s wardrobe a lot of times I get the comment that they have a bit of an edge to their style. I guess when I think about, they do, especially when they wear things like rocker tees mixed with leggings or skinny jeans.

Mini Dreamers Clothing Review

A brand I fell in love with when Ryder was younger was, Rowdy Sprouts. I remember finding the collection in a tiny shop in my neighborhood and stocking up on it, because they were one the coolest brands on the market. And keep in mind this was eight years ago when finding hip boys clothing were few and far between.

Mini Dreamers Clothing Review

I have to say now, most of my shopping is done online. As much as I love to enter a boutique and feel and touch the clothing, there’s really just no time for it. I love adding new sites to my mix of shopping outlets, and recently discovered Mini Dreamers. The name alone already had me swooning. This shop was curated by two sisters who have a keen eye for fashion, and offer a wide assortment of the trendiest clothes on the market. Some of my favorite brands include: Rowdy Sprout (of course!), Tutu Du Monde, Mini Shatsu, Kira and more!

Mini Dreamers Clothing Review Mini Dreamers Clothing ReviewMini Dreamers Clothing ReviewMini Dreamers Clothing Review

In recently shopping their site, I stocked up on some fun Rowdy Sprout essentials for the kiddies. Ryder’s Grateful Dead thermal had Jason wishing there was one in his size. And the girls supported a Johnny Cashed Layered tee because I just loved the colors!

Mini Dreamers Clothing Review Mini Dreamers Clothing Review

Mini Dreamers values the difference in every child’s style, and honors it by having a versatile assortment of apparel that nurtures individuality. And I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do!

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