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Sunday Styles: Kokoset

I am always on the lookout for great new kids fashion brands with fun and unique pieces—I love when designers have a fresh new take on old classics or create totally new styles. I am also a huge supporter of indie designers because I know how much hard work and sacrifice goes into launching a fashion company and I want to give my support.

Kokoset Ponchos And Capes For Girls Kokoset Ponchos And Capes For Girls

We recently discovered a new brand from Barcelona, Spain called Kokoset. Kokoset specializes in ponchos and capes for girls. The founder is a mother of four who quit her job working the medical field to focus on being a full-time mom. Starting Kokoset allowed her to be with her family, but also have a creative business venture, too! Hmmm does that desire to be a mom but also have a career sound familiar? I mean…obviously I can relate.

Kokoset Ponchos And Capes For Girls Kokoset Ponchos And Capes For Girls Kokoset Ponchos And Capes For Girls

Gemma and Siella have the adorable basic Kokoset Back to School style capes with wool blend outer and organic printed cotton lining. Capes are perfect for kids because they are a no fuss outerwear piece and the simple style can add an element of chic to any outfit. We are also approaching the unpredictable and confusing spring season, rain one day, 70 degrees and sunny, then freezing, so ponchos and capes are great for spring.

Kokoset Ponchos And Capes For Girls Kokoset Ponchos And Capes For Girls

The entire Kokoset collection is adorable. I love that the materials are manufactured in Barcelona and the goods are all sources from artisans in Spain and Europe. Kokoset also has fun accessories and rain gear for kids, plus each package comes with surprises for the kids! A cool map of Barcelona, a little key holder and the box itself can be reused and personalized for the kids to play with or store their treasures.

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Kokoset”

  1. I also love supporting independent business owners and this sounds like a great brand. I had a similar cape when I was little and loved it!

  2. I really love that outfit, super cute. The red hood or cape would be something I would have worn as a child, I had a huge imagination. Lovely ideas for Sunday styles!

  3. This is such a cute cap! It looks comfortable and snug. I’m going to pass this to my sister, I know my nieces are going to like this.

  4. Umm these capes are AMAZING! I need them for these days when it is not super cold but kids need something to throw on to get from door to door! Yay to Indie Designs!

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