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The Perfect Ride

A few days of warm weather in NYC and I am totally feeling summer, maybe it was only 70 degrees but we spent practically all day outside walking around while the kids rode their bikes. One pastime that sings summer to me is long bike rides. We have an amazing waterfront promenade that runs all the way up the west side, which is just perfect for biking as a family of five.

Learning To Ride A Two-Wheeler With Priority Bikes

When I was a kid there weren’t as many bike options as there are today. We all started off on clunky cruisers and maybe graduated to a 10-speed as preteens or teenagers. When it comes to selecting bikes for my kids now the assortment can be a bit overwhelming. I want to get them rides that are easy to learn on but also lightweight and will help them transition to big kid and adult bikes eventually.

Learning To Ride A Two-Wheeler With Priority Bikes Learning To Ride A Two-Wheeler With Priority Bikes

Siella is the newest family member to kick the training wheels to the curb and we are so proud of her! Riding without training wheels is a huge step into big kid territory and I am certain she only learned how to ride a two-wheeler because of Priority Bikes. She mastered two wheels on her Priority Start F/W 2.0 bike in white with cool tan seat and handles. This bike is a super simple, grease-free, belt-driven children’s bicycle with a lightweight aluminum frame that is easy and intuitive to learn on. Plus, it looks super cool!

Learning To Ride A Two-Wheeler With Priority Bikes

The Start FW 2.0 is designed specifically for 3-8 year olds who are ready to graduate to a big kid bike. It is also designed with upright positioning and a free-wheel construction that uses adjustable dual hand brakes instead of pedal brakes, which is a more intuitive solution for kids’ instinct to move their legs forward and backward while learning to ride. The seat is adjustable as well as the handlebars to create the perfect fit.

Learning To Ride A Two-Wheeler With Priority Bikes Learning To Ride A Two-Wheeler With Priority Bikes

The Priority Start F/W 2.0 is the best value for a low maintenance, durable kids bike. The Start FW 2.0 was already rated a top kids bike for 2017 by Two Wheeling Tots and is available now on the company’s website in 14” and 16”! And did I mention that have a pretty neat selection for us adults! I’m currently eying their Rose Gold Priority Coast Bike!

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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Ride”

  1. That bike is wicked awesome! I love how it’s shaped so perfectly to accommodate smaller riders. Lots of bikes are just adult bikes with a lowered seat. It’s really hard for kids to ride them.

  2. Those warm days were a little tease, I want spring and biking now. I love those bikes so I wil keep Priority in mind for our kids too and they need adult sizes.

  3. I feel overwhelmed with the choices these days as well! There are so many and it’s tough to decide on which on you’ll get for the kids! I think this is perfect though.

  4. Simple but classy. I love how the bike looks, you definitely made the right choice of picking this one for your daughter. I think it’s pretty awesome!

  5. That Priority bike looks like one sweet ride! I think your daughter is going to put a lot of miles on it before summer is up!

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