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Sunday Styles: Kamari Kids

If I had to describe my children’s fashion style, I would say it leans a little rocker-esque. Ryder is usually in sweats or fitted ripped jeans and a graphic tee or sweatshirt. The girls, while they love dresses, are usually paired with fun leggings or tights. And, moto boots are always on rotation for all of them.

Kamari Kids

This week’s Sunday Style features Kamari Kids. Owners Maria and Sabrina’s love for their children, fashion and music led them to launch an online children’s clothing boutique, for the music lover, the dreamer and the kid who wants to stand out from the pack. Kamari Kids aims to find clothing that is rock & roll inspired, eclectic and on the cutting edge of fashion.
Kamari Kids

Gemma is wearing a blue Joah Love Miriam drape neck dress, speckled with stars.

Kamari Kids

Siella’s maxi dress is also a Joah Love piece, with faux leather sleeves, and “C’est Chic” written across the front.

Kamari Kids

Ryder’s super soft sweatshirt is made by Jagged Culture. The Punkasaurus Hoodie has unfinished trims along with grommet detailing around the hood.

Kamari Kids

Carrying some of my favorite brands like MAA sneakers, Joah Love, Appaman, Atsuyo Et Akiko, and Rowdy Sprout, Kamari Kids carries sizes from newborn to 10, so you are sure to find something for one of your rockstars.

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