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Sunday Styles: I Love Plum

On any given day you are certain to find the girls demanding Alexa to play their fav songs while they dance along in the mirror. Music and dance has been a HUGE passion of the girls’ lives for awhile now. Ballet and hip hop are the two dances of choice that the girls partake in.

Sunday Styles: iloveplum | Stroller In The City

Playing dress up and watching the Golden Globes with my girls was one of the highlights of my week. Transforming the living room to a dance floor, the girls wiggled and twirled about in their dresses. Talk about the power of a tutu?! Lucky for me, I had Jason there to capture this very sweet moment of ours. The girls chose to “attend” our Golden Globes date in their fave, iloveplum tutus.

Sunday Styles: iloveplum | Stroller In The City Sunday Styles: iloveplum | Stroller In The City

My girls may be little fashionistas, but they are also super picky in their outfit choices as far as looks and comfort go. An outfit should satisfy their outward appeal just as much as its comfort factor, and I mean, who can blame them? iloveplum has a large variety of outfits to choose from and they totally conform to my ever dancing ballerinas’ schedule.
Sunday Styles: iloveplum | Stroller In The City
Sunday Styles: iloveplum | Stroller In The City
While Gemma does both hip hip, Siella is in ballet twice a week and needs a good tutu that will keep up with her love of dance. Two times a week might not seem like a lot, but Siella dances the night away after school, and during any free time she has. iloveplum carries both long sleeve and tank top tutus, accessories, and more. Aside from how adorable these tutus are, their color selections are just an added bonus.
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Sunday Styles: iloveplum | Stroller In The City

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: I Love Plum”

  1. We could have certainly used this years ago when our girls were that age. We even built a dance stage that would have been perfect for these outfits!

  2. I think every young girl loves tutus, and it doesn’t metter if they dance or not. I think everyone should have one, this way they feel a little bit “ballerina”! i love this color too!

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