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Sunday Styles: Firebird Frocks

This weekend, while Ryder hung with my parents at their house, Siella, Gemma and I enjoyed some quality girl time together. Time alone with the girls is usually limited to just Gemma while Siella is in school, so it was a treat for the three of us to hang together. Nothing like getting decked out, going for brunch, and getting mani and pedis with my little princesses.

Firebird Frocks

The looks on their faces coming from the nail salon reminded me of those spa days that my sister and I enjoyed with my mother, when growing up. We always get dressed up in fancy clothes for these outings, the girls wearing Firebird Frocks, brought back memories of my sister and I from those special days.

Firebird Frocks

Their vintage-style rose and ecru colored dress is embellished with gorgeous hand embroidery of flowers and beading, with lace accents, truly makes these heirloom quality!

Firebird FrocksFirebird FrocksFirebird Frocks

The girls loved frolicking around in their dresses, and I do believe these dresses will wind up in our memory box and passed to their children one day.

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