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Sunday Styles: DOOHICKIES

The morning madness is the one thing I am dreading about the kids going back to school. With all three kids in different schools this year, I can already picture the craziness, trying to get out of the house. I’ve been trying to get Ryder and Siella accustomed to dressing themselves, brushing their teeth, and putting their own shoes on, leaving me free to dress Gemma, prepare breakfast, and pack their lunches.

While shopping sneakers for the kids to go back to school, I came across DOOHICKIES laces. I was initially attracted to the fun colors, and thought it would be cool for the kids to customize their kicks, but then I learned they are actually laces that you don’t need to be tied. Which is major! I considered the time savings they would make with our morning hustle.



DOOHICKIES is a no-tie, flexible and customizable responsive lacing system and an extension of the brand HICKIES (yep, they come in adult size too), but tailored for kids from 4 to 12 yrs old. Each pack contains 10 pieces (enough for a pair of kids shoes), that can be threaded in different ways to customize the fit. Fasten them once, then simply stretch to slide the shoe on and off. They even come in a variety of two color combinations, designed specifically with children in mind.


Here’s to making back to school sneakers a bit more fashionable, fun, and most importantly, easy to get on.

Check out SITC’s City Kids Guide to BTS for a chance to win a pair, plus a ton of other great things! (Giveaway closed.)

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: DOOHICKIES”

  1. I am too dreading our mornings once school starts again. And these just might come in handy, something I totally failed in motherhood was teaching my son how to tie his laces.

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