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Beach Cruising

This summer I am looking for any and every excuse to escape to my parents house. The kids absolutely love going to their grandparents (or as they call them Gee & Bug), and both my sister and brother still live at home, so every time we go, it turns into one big family get together. The kids spend hours in the pool, going up and down the water slide, and playing on the swing set, their ultimate castle.


We tend the sleep there quite a bit. Siella always makes it a point to ask how many days we will stay, and if it were up to her, she would move in. Since they live just a block away from the beach, we spend many mornings strolling on the boardwalk. With a coffee in my hand, and fresh bagels for the kids, I push the girls around in my Joovy Cocoonx2 Double Stroller. Unlike some double strollers, the Cocoon lets my girls sit side by side, so they can chat and enjoy the scenery together.

IMG_2851 IMG_2881 IMG_2912

With large bicycle style tires, I’ve often taken the stroller and the kids for a jog, but this multi-function system easily converts from a jogger to bike trailer, allowing you to take the littles on a leisurely cruise. While riding, the zippered mesh window offers great ventilation, and a vinyl window provides added protection during rainy weather, or colder winter months, which New Yorkers are no strangers to. The kids love the two huge windows on the sides for incredible visibility and views. I appreciate that the Cocoon has a two position adjustable handlebar, making it comfortable for either Jason or I.


Living out our car this summer, the Cocoon has been living in the trunk, and I’ve been impressed how easily it folds and stows. I am confident when the winter arrives, the girls will stay super warm heading to and from school. Now, if only I could keep warm while pushing them! There’s really so many adventurers to take with the Joovy Cocoonx2, but for now, I will enjoy spending the remainder of summer with my family at the beach.

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4 thoughts on “Beach Cruising”

  1. Looks great for outdoor adventures. How does it do in NYC? We’re looking for a sounds that’s really easy to maneuver for walking around the city but versatile also.

    Any advice appreciated!

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