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Our Favorite Back to School Sneakers

I cannot even believe back to school season is here again! It looks like we have some shopping to do! One thing my kids love to shop for is school sneakers! School shoes shopping can sometimes be stressful, especially when you have to make sure you get the supplies you need for back to school shopping first. But getting the top picks of the best shoes for everyday wear and more importantly, the first day of school, is something special. My kids’ shoes are how they express themselves and I think so much confidence can come from new shoes for the whole family.

We want to start the year off right and fresh, so we’re heading to the store to do some shopping! My kids love all day comfort for sneaker culture. A classic look or athletic shoes are always at the top of the list of shoes for us to choose from, but the school outfit is only complete with shoes they will get a whole year of wear out of!

Here are our top shoe choices for everyday style and gym class this new school year:


Firstly, the latest trends are not only some of the best shoes, but they really are so cute. I love that the classic look of the all white shoes or neutral color pairs of shoes is in style. Not only are they a timeless look, but they are so versatile and such a closet staple. Furthermore, kids shoes for the school year don’t all have to be just the best sneakers. Choose from a wide variety of shoes, such as mary janes, combat boots, rain boots, sandals if you’re in a warmer climate, etc. The top brands we have been loving this season are New Balance, Nike Air Max and Air Force, Converse, Dr. Martens and Adidas Superstar.

Gym Shoes

Secondly, gym class is a huge part of school. Athletic shoes are on all of our lists and it’s even better if the shoes can be worn all throughout the day. Having separate gym shoes totally works, too! The most important thing is that they are the right size. Kids feet grow so incredibly quickly, so sizing up a half a size is generally a safe option. You don’t want to have to replace them halfway through the year and usually athletic shoes run a bit small, so this should help!


Finally, these are shoes that our kids will be wearing every day, so of course, I tend to lean more on the side of practicality for the new school year. Boots and tennis shoes are our top choices but classic clogs are easier to slip on, especially for younger kids who can’t tie laces yet. A cushioned footbed, cushioned midsole, lightweight comfort, rubber outsole and breathable upper layer are essential for all day comfort. It’s essential to make sure they are shoes that the kids can not only last in all day, but for after school activities, as well. We live in the city, so the kids do a ton of walking here and comfort is key!


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Firstly, I have to have some pink in my shoes! These are a great staple shoe for the year.
Secondly, my kids have been loving Nikes lately! Ryder has always been a fan but the girls have recently loved the comfort and dressing them down with dresses.
Thirdly, every kid needs a pair of converse! They are incredibly versatile and the soles are so comfortable these days.
I am a major Golden Goose fan! They are on the pricey side, but they are so fun!
Supergas are a classic shoe that is crisp and looks good with every outfit. These shoes are a pretty good price point, as well.
Ryder is a major Nike Mid fan! There are so many color options and they look super cool with everything!
Another brand my kids love is Vans. They are known as skater shoes and are great for that but they can also be dressed up.
A really comfortable shoe is a Saucony! These are not only great gym shoes but all day shoes.
Furthermore, how cool are these sneakers?! I love the holographic stripes and versatility.
Moreover, New Balance shoes are incredibly on trend these days. They are comfortable, classic and always stylish.
Finally, we have to finish off with some flowers! These were way too cute to pass up on.

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