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Redefining The Backpack

Even though we have about three more weeks of summer, I’ve start some prep for the kids to get ready for back to school. Each year, I make it a point to buy a new backpack, in an effort to get them a bit excited for the year ahead. While I do let the kids completely lead the way in whatever style they want for the new school season, I still look for certain features in a backpack which make for an easy commute. After all, these mini pieces of luggage play a major role in their lives for the next nine months.
Back To School With Mojo Backpacks Back To School With Mojo Backpacks

In my search to for a new and cool bag, my good friend Mila told me to check out Mojo Backpacks. I fell in love with the cool high definition graphics, and when I showed them to the big kids, Ryder immediately picked out their almost 3D shark backpack.

Back To School With Mojo Backpacks Back To School With Mojo Backpacks

Mojo Backpacks was founded on the idea that a backpack is much more than an accessory; it is a way of expressing who you are.  Mojo Backpacks is headquartered in the heart of New York City and is sold in stores and online around the world. From their signature big face graphics and chunky zippers to black light reactive and glow in the dark bags, they add edge and individuality into all of their fashion forward creations. In fact, Mojo has garnered the attention and support of top DJs and artists from around the world.Back To School With Mojo BackpacksBack To School With Mojo Backpacks

Aside from the cool factor of these packs, they are also extremely durable and made with the highest quality of fabrics, ensuring this backpack will last for years to come. They are water resistant, have reinforced back and bottom panels, secure zip side pockets, padded tablet sleeve, and adjustable straps for custom sizing. Roomy bags are a must for my youngsters, because they always like to stuff their lunch boxes in their backpacks, rather than carrying them separately, leaving them hands free for our trip to school.

Back To School With Mojo Backpacks Back To School With Mojo Backpacks

Most of our photo shoots are fun, but this one with my best friend Mila’s boys and my two bigs was extra special. The kids all loved each others backpacks, and I think they all might be a bit more excited for the school year to start.

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6 thoughts on “Redefining The Backpack”

  1. Love this! That’s what I did every year as a child. New backpack for the school year. I do that now too unless they reallly love the current backpack and it has survived the previous school year.

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