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Sunday Styles: Coccoli Jammies

For some reason, new pajamas for the kids seem to constantly work their way into the rotation in our house. I guess when you think about it, that makes perfect sense. Pajamas are worn longer and more often than their regular clothes, so they get washed more frequently. When it comes to their jammies, I am always looking for the softest, most comfy ones I can find.

Coccoli Jammies Coccoli Jammies

Coccoli is known for its durable, cozy children’s clothing, ranging from ages preemie to 10 years old. The passionate team at Coccoli is led by the mother and son duo of Marian and Francois Vachon, and they are celebrating their 20th year in business!

Coccoli Jammies Coccoli Jammies

Each season, they offer a collection and tie it in with several themes offering a variety of prints, stripes and color combos specific to that theme.

Coccoli Jammies

This season, the theme focused on a type of bird called, Puffins. Both Ryder and Siella’s jammies adorn different sketches of a bird, while Gemma has a more classic thermal style. All are made with super soft cotton, allowing these three to snooze comfortably all night long.

Coccoli Jammies

In addition to the PJs, Coccoli also makes the sweetest layettes for newborns, which include matching hats and blankets. Looking forward to stocking up on these for the winter months!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Coccoli Jammies”

  1. The pics come out nicely and these PJs are really lovely! I’ll buy some for my kids at home! They will surely love this. These PJs have nice colors and I think the fabric is good for kids too! Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Your writing is always so spot-on with me. I’m going through so much in this transition period. I’m so thankful that SOMEBODY (you) understand what its like to have to go through such a time. You are forever in my prayers, and I know this new album will be completed and successful! We are all excited for this new &#b2;028aby!” <3

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