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Sunday Style: The Bonnie Mob

I recently posted on my instagram, how Siella is now obsessed with cardigans. She asks to wear one every single day. I think the obsession started because a few of her girlfriends at school are wearing them too. And Gemma following her big sis, wants to wear one too except she calls them kindergarten’s, which just might be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

For Christmas, I searched for a few new card’s to add to their wardrobe, since they ask to wear one every single day now. That’s when I discovered The Bonnie Mob. The brand first named Bonnie Baby started ten years, and now has grown up into The Bonnie Mob offering both girls and boys sizing, infants to seven years old.

I of course loved the selection of cardigans offered, like this Zip Up Star print one Siella is wearing, but I also fell in love with these Night Sky Long Sleeve dresses. The girls are extremely into comfort these days, so this super soft organic cotton dress is just perfect for them.

Excited to embrace my two little fashionistas ever changing fashion sense, and will forever be honoring the “kindergarten“!

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