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Disney On The Run

Excited to be back from an extended (and much needed!) break with my family. I feel renewed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the New Year. While I don’t tend to make resolutions, I set goals and plans at the beginning of the year to work towards. This year, I am all about being healthy, exercising more, taking better care for myself, and really working towards a better work life schedule. Traveling with my family is something else I plan to continue, because it’s this time away with one another when the magic really happens. There are already some travel plans on the horizon this year, and one came as a total surprise to the kids when they found out about it Christmas morning. A trip to Disney, followed by a Disney Cruise for Disney’s new land and sea vacation! They are so ecstatic about it, already counting the days. Gemma is already pulling all of her princess costumes out and packing them in her mini suitcase.

Another exciting project that I’ve been busting at the seams to share is that I will become a brand ambassador for GoGo squeeZ this year. It truly is an honor to work with this brand, that I’ve loved, since they introduced their apple sauce squeeze pouches eight years ago! The brand has grown along with my children, and they are still my children’s favorite go-to snack. I never seem to make it out the door, without a few stuffed in my bag.

Excited for GoGo’s mission to continue to promote a healthier lifestyle for children by living active lives everyday, they are kicking off the new year with an incredible sweepstakes. Participants will have a chance to win a four night vacation for four people, two entries into the runDisney races and two entries into the runDisney kids races of their choice, complete with hotel accommodations, and theme park tickets. In case you haven’t heard about runDisney races, they are themed weekends throughout the year, for kids and adults alike, taking place within the Disney Parks. Lots of runners even dress up as their favorite Disney characters during their run. The sweepstakes will include two entries into the race!

Since GoGo squeeZ applesauce pouches are the “Official Applesauce” of Walt Disney World Resorts and The DISNEYLAND Resorts, this partnership is couldn’t be a better fit! Not to mention, I love the idea that parents can easily purchase GoGo squeeZ while in Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks, where it can sometimes be difficult to find healthy options. 

The sweepstakes will run now through January 15th on the GoGo squeeZ website, found HERE. Having seen lots of runners in their crazy outfits during previous trips to Disney, I am thinking about signing my family up for a runDisney race! Looking forward to what’s ahead, and cannot wait to share more news in the coming months with you all!

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12 thoughts on “Disney On The Run”

  1. Pam Wattenbarger

    My granddaughter, who is eight months old, loves GoGo Squeez! They are one of the few “puree” foods that she will actually eat. Plus they are a great snack for older kids and even adults.

  2. It looks like you guys had such an awesome time at Disney! The kids never want to slow down when we are there so these are such an awesome snack.

  3. How exciting – on the Disney cruise and the GoGoSqueez ambassadorship! We are going to Disneyworld this Christmas. My boys will find out on Christmas morning, and I know they will be thrilled.

  4. Our Family World

    Congratulations on the GoGo partnership! That and Disney are partners in bliss and smiles. I hope I can win!

  5. Your family Disney photos is making me want to take a trip to Disney ASAP! I love it and I will tell my friends with family about the sweepstakes.

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