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Summer’s Calling

Summer cannot come fast enough, and for my kids they all have about two and half more weeks of school left. Right now I’m in crazy camp mode planning. While the girls will be at a local camp out east, Ryder is going off to sleep-away for a few weeks. For the past few week, I’ve been all about searching for summer clothes they will 1. want to wear, and 2. be comfy in all day long.

PixieLane is a unique fashion company. It’s a community of moms that are devoted to inspiring individuality, confidence, and happiness in our kids. I love that because the world we live in today can be particularly tough for children to navigate. I do everything I can to inspire confidence in my children and encourage them to be true to themselves, and I love the PixieLane is committed to that exact same thing. All of their athleisure and mommy & me designs are made by moms right here in the USA!

This year’s looks for kids are all about the retro vibes, and I am so here for it. You’ll find bright, bold colors, tie-dye looks, solids, prints, and much more, all with that distinctive, late 80s early 90s feel that we all used to love so much. Now, everyone is loving it again! There are two looks, in particular, that I really love – the Skimmer Crew Top & High Waist Legging Set and the Long Jumpsuit.

The Skimmer Crew Top & High Waist Legging Set just screams 80s. it features a navy ink tie-dye print and classic cuff at the sleeve. There are no frills here. The bold tie-dye is the star of the show, and trust me, it’s star-worthy.

The Long Jumpsuit is another 80s-themed gem. This sleeveless jumpsuit features a gathered waist and lightning bolt pattern in a variety of neon colors. It’s the perfect 80s feel for a bold, retro look.

The retro vibes available from PixieLane are so vintage chic and so bold. They make the perfect outfits for any girl or boy. With so many great looks and a throwback vibe to what I consider one of the coolest decades ever, the new looks from PixieLane are not to be missed.

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18 thoughts on “Summer’s Calling”

  1. My boy is in a day camp too. I’ve never seen a camp around that lets them stay a couple of weeks but I bet it could create some amazing experiences for them.

  2. I will have to let my cousin know about this. She has three daughters and are so ready for summer activities. I have to check this out too. I have a grandson that would need some nice new summer clothes.

  3. Ah! It is that time of the year again. The kids must be fervently looking forward to the vacations. It is a great initiate to have moms design for the kids.

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