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The Best Camps in the Tri-State Area

Summer camp registration deadlines are quickly approaching and we realize that it’s a huge decision. What your children will be doing all summer is a lot to handle, and you also want to make sure it’s something they will have fun doing. I think something that’s important to remember, is that our children are in school all year long and the summer months are a chance for them to relax and do fun things!

When it comes to looking into summer programs, there are so many decisions, it can feel overwhelming. You can choose from two-week sessions, specialty camps. overnight camp, 1 week programs or just day camps. Of course, you can get even more specific and look into camps that specialize in activities and areas that your children enjoy, such as creative arts, water sports, fine arts, musical theater, sports camp, horseback riding, rock climbing, the list goes on and on!

1 Week/2 Week Programs


Kennybrook Summer Camp

This camp location is in the Catskills and is a co-ed camp. They offer traditional camp activities and select sports. But the most important part, is that they focus on teaching kids how to have self-confidence and independence. You can send your kids the whole 7 weeks or choose a 2 week program. It runs June-August.

Photography: Kennybrook Summer Camp

Lavner Camp

This is a specialized camp that is all about coding. If your child wants more of an educational summer, this is a great program to look into! It’s located in Downtown, Manhattan and you can choose one week programs. They offer computer skills, coding, game design and so much more! It’s a really cool camp that begins in June and runs through August.

Day Camps


Abrons Arts Camp

This day camp is all about the arts! If you have a child interested in visual arts, music, theatre or dance, you’ll want to check out this camp program! There are 2 different sessions that run Monday-Thursday from 8:30-4 with the option for late pickup. The age requirements are 5-10 and this is a great way to meet new friends who have the same interests as your kids. The camp program runs from July- August.

Photography: Abron Arts Camp

Asphalt Green Camp

Calling all sports lovers, this ones is for you! This camp program is for ages 4-15 and runs from June 27th- August 17th. They have two locations to choose from, which include The Upper East Side and Battery Park City, so they are not too difficult to get to, no matter where you live. There’s swimming, sports and fun!

Photography: Asphalt Green Camp

Marymount Manhattan Summer Camp

This NYC day camp has everything to offer! Drama camps, Investors and Explorers camp, STEAM camp and sports clinics. The programs are for Kindergarten-10th grade and depending on the program, run through late July.

Photography: Marymount Manhattan Summer Camp



Maker-State has an amazing STEM camp in NYC. With several locations ranging from the UWS to UES, LES the West Village and Park Slope, the camp focuses on math, science, art and ELA where they can bring 3D models to life and create stop-motion films. It’s educational while being project-based learning, so not only will your kids have the best time, but they will be learning a lot. You can register for however many weeks you’d like and if you send several kids there, you actually can save a good amount on camp! Use my code: BRIANNE for $100 off registration this summer!


Aviator Sports

This place is NY’s largest sports and event venue. The camps include soccer, hockey, gymnastics, figure skating and basketball. So there truly is something for every athlete here! What’s really cool is there is a bus service that will come within 3 blocks of your home, if you need any help with transportation for your child. The programs are for kids ages 5-13 and the camp offers both half and full day options. The camp runs June-August.

Photography: Aviator Sports Camp

Overnight Camps


Camp Lokanda

Starting out with the first overnight camp of the list, Camp Lokanda is a co-ed sleepaway camp located in the Catskills. You’ll find many sleepaway camps to choose from in the Catskills area, mostly because it’s close enough to a lot of the people in the tri-state area and there’s so much to do in nature there. What’s really cool about this place is that there are so many different activities your kids can do on a daily basis from go-karting to hockey to woodshop. This camp is all about creating a positive atmosphere and helping to nurture self-confidence, which I think is fantastic! Camp begins late June and runs through mid August and you can choose how long to sign your child up for.

Photography: Camp Lokanda

Appel Farms Arts Camp

When I started my research for this blog post, this was a very popular camp and I can totally see why. I think it looks like one of the coolest experiences! They offer so many different visual arts opportunities, such as sculpting, making murals, using pottery wheels, different kilns, learning about art history and so much more. They also offer theatre, dance, horseback riding, photography and so much more! This is definitely a one of a kind experience your child will maybe not get elsewhere! You can sign your child up for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 week sessions.

Photography: Appel Farm Arts Camp

Adirondack Camp

This co-ed sleepaway camp is located on one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen! You can find it in the Adirondack Mountains on Lake George and they have so much to offer. It’s for kids aged 7-16 and with things like rock climbing and cool water activities, how could you not want to check them out?! They have 2 sessions and you could send your kid for the full 6 weeks if you’d like. Sign up now because they’re really filling up!

Photography: Adirondack Camp

French Woods Theater Camp

French Woods is one of the best theater camps in the country! They have 5 different theaters on campus and auditions are the second day of camp. Basically, you spend the whole session working on putting up a show. And if your kid is more interested in backstage roles, they have the opportunity to do those rather than be onstage. They have 5 different sessions beginning in June and you can sign your child up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 weeks at a time.

Photography: French Woods Festival

Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp

A camp in the Berkshires?! Let’s chat! This is a pretty cool co-ed camp that has traditional experiences like sports and water activities, but also offers a culinary camp option. They have a committed staff that has fun activities planned all summer long. The staff members are great and feel like family! You have the option to sign up for however long you’d like, it could be 2 weeks or the whole summer even.

Photography: Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp

Brant Lake Sports Academy

This is a girls overnight camp option. They have so many sports activities you do on a daily basis and they help teach you how to stay healthy while being so active. If you’re not looking for the co-ed experience and just wanting to focus on one thing, like sports, look into them! Camp runs July- August, so you can take a summer vacation before if you’d like!

Photography: Brant Lake Sports Camp

This post was originally published May 25th, 2022*

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  1. Wow, I had no idea there were so many amazing camps in the Tri-State area! Thanks for sharing, now I have some great options to consider for my kids this summer

  2. Summer camps were never a thing over here when I was growing up largely because of the Troubles. Good Friday agreement or not, peace is still very much a dream here. But I always loved the idea of going away to camp and meeting new people.

  3. Good to know there are so many fun camps in the area! My kids love going to camps in the summer. My daughter is going to 2 different musical theater camps and my son is going to a golf camp. They look forward to it every year.

  4. This article is a treasure trove for parents looking for summer camps in the Tri-State area. The variety of options and detailed information make it a great resource.

  5. This reminds me of when I used to go to Girl Scout camp as a girl. They were great learning experiences and challenges that I look back fondly on.

  6. This will be my escape from the city and refresh the senses with a little one-on-one time with nature. Great campsite list!

  7. I used to work at a summer camp in Maine for 7 summers. I can attest to how amazing camps are for kids’ growth and development of social skills and self awareness. What a great read!

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