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What Dad Really Want’s For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is in two weeks! I know we often talk about Mom’s and motherhood but Dad’s deserve their special dad just as much.  All the great fathers out there deserve the love and appreciation they give us daily. I know I’m married to a one-in-a -billion husband and father. He’s such a special dad to our kids and we’re so lucky to have him . So whether you’re spoiling your husband or your own father these gift idea’s will surely make them feel as special as they deserve.


1. Ray Ban Sunglasses 2. IWC Watch  3. Lacoste Polo  4. Patagonia Cap  5. Linen Shirt  6. Summer Shorts  7. Leather Belt  8. Boss Zip Up Jacket 9. Swim Trunks  10. Slip-On Shoes  11. Joah Love Faux-Cashmere Set  use code BRIANE for 20% off 12. Cashmere Sweater  13. Sock Set

1. BBQ Tools Set  2. Noise Cancelling Headphones  3. Charging Dock  4. BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush  5. BBQ Salt  6. Nixon Camera (Body)  7. YETI Cooler  8. Salt Plank  9. Meater Plus  10. Levain Cookie Box  11. Golf Wedge  12. Compact Drill

1.Double Edge Razor  2. Seville Shaving Soap  3.  Tweezerman Grooming Kit  4. Counterman Cleanser  5. Shaving Brush 6.  KIEHL’S Face Wash  7. Golden Beard Oil  8. Biotherm Anti-Wrinkle Serum


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30 thoughts on “What Dad Really Want’s For Father’s Day”

  1. I got him some gifts this year, but normally I just have him tell me what he wants to do. It’s so funny how dads seem to want a different type of day than moms, but it’s his day.

  2. Great gift guide! My husband always says, “I don’t need anything, just make a nice meal and I am fine with that.” But I know he needs a new electric razor, and a good headset. I have ordered these things for him and I know he will appreciate these little gifts. Of course, I will still make his favorite dish. 🙂

  3. What a great Father’s day gift guide! Now I’m contemplating whether I should get sunglasses or a watch for my husband! hahaha

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