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Summer Camp Packing List

We are approaching panic mode when it comes to creating a camp packing list for the summer. Take an hour to write down a list of all the things necessary for packing.  Moreover, these tips below are really for sleepaway camp, but a lot of these items can be used for day camps, as well. I’ll fill you in on a list of items I’m packing for my kids, as well as some tips and necessities you might need to know!

My Tips

Firstly, the most important thing to do is to email the camp director and find out necessities for a specific activity. For example: do they provide anything in the rooms? Some camps provide all the sheets and towels, which is ideal for packing space. Another great question is if there any special items of clothing or costumes needed for camp activities?

Moreover, will there be outdoor camping where sleeping bags will be needed? What is needed for laundry service? Essentially, these kind of things. Furthermore, it’s best to begin packing essential items and work your way down the list from there to prepare for your children’s summer camp adventures.

Primary Necessities

Below, I have listed a bunch of items that I think are necessities for overnight camp. When I say necessities, I mean the items they truly need, such as sunscreen sheets, towels, bug repellent, etc. These are all everyday items they cannot live without. They are fun looking, but necessities, nonetheless. Since the kids are outside all day long, I like to have a great reusable water bottle for them that will keep water cold all day. More than that are items for swimming and activities. For example, maybe water shoes, a sweatshirt for cool evenings or an extra pair of shoes. It’s the little things we don’t want to forget. Subsequently, a lot of camps have a list of packing necessities on their websites, so look out for that before contacting the camp with questions that may already be answered.

Bring Labels

Thirdly, there are a lot of kids at camp and it wouldn’t be ideal if items got mixed up or lost. A way to prevent that is by labeling literally everything. That’s what I do! I will label shoes, clothes, undergarments, a small fan, really anything.

Personally, I recommend Mabel’s Labels– they have such cute labels you can create and the prices are great! Camp Early Access prices have actually already begun, so a good amount of the items are 20% off! The best part is that these labels will last in the washing machine and can get you some more free time because all that is needed is attaching, rather than writing on everything or making your own labels. This is at the top of the list for summer camp essentials for both sleepaway camp and day camp!


Finally, we have all of the fun things! These are all of the extra things that make your kids have some of the best memories. For instance, if your kid wants to pack items to decorate their bunk, that could be a blast! A pack of cards, mad libs or a disposable camera could be a great way to spend time with new friends during rest hour.

Another great idea is stationary with pre-written addresses and stamps for your kids to spend time letter writing. Addresses are not the easiest to remember. So if everything is already pre-addressed, they are good to go! Talk to your children and ask them what they would like to bring for a good time at their overnight summer camps.

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Bedding that comes in a set is a necessity! Having to purchase it all separately is stressful and I thought this was a pretty pattern.
My kids are huge fans of Stanley! We tend to get it from other sites as they sell out a ton. This style is perfect for on the go.
Having great towels is something that is overlooked. They have to shower off outdoor days and need a good quality towel.
You can’t forget deodorant! It’s hot and at the top of our toiletries list. We love Native because it’s made of better ingredients than most!
Not only does this need to be put on every morning, but it should be reapplied throughout the day! We go for a big tub so they don’t run out.
The best options have different pockets for different products. It keeps things organized and they are water proof!
Crocs are all the rage again! They have so many different colors and the kids love to decorate them. The best part is they can easily go from water to land.
Who knew bug repellent could be so cool?! These stickers are not only cute but they keep the mosquitos far away!
How cute is this?! Stationary just for camp that is not only fun but already camp ready is perfect for the summer.
Like I said, it’s hot in the summers! A personal fan is useful to have and this one is easy to throw in a day bag.
Hopefully they never need one, but having a raincoat just to be safe is always a great option! This one was too cute to pass up on.
Depending on how long they are gone for, you will probably need a duffle bag on top of a suitcase for travel. This is our favorite one!
These are great for nights and emergencies, as well! They are easy to throw in a bag and last awhile.
Moreover, you will need to find out what the laundry routine is at camp, but a foldable bag is helpful! This one is adorable.
Finally, these are great because they can be used for anything! Hygiene products, activites and beyond!

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25 thoughts on “Summer Camp Packing List”

  1. Camping sounds like a fun time. I never went away to a camp as a kid but have spent some time camping as an adult. I have learned that packing is the most important part!

  2. The XL Super Goop is a must…great list of essentials! I’m definitely going to check out Native deodorant as well since I try to keep my products as natural as possible. Love the sound of that scent too! Thanks for your recommendations!

  3. I must say, this summer camp packing list is a lifesaver! As a parent, I often forget the essentials, but this guide has everything covered. Bravo!

  4. So many things you need to consider when packing for summer camp. But you’re so right about contacting them directly to find out about activities where they may need specific things etc x

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